Chip Shelton

Chip Shelton

 New York City, New York, USA

"A MASTERPIECE": SIRIUS-XM RADIO, DR. NICK/ 2008 Grammy-considered CD release #8, "Imbued With Memories" (Summit)

"4 1/2 STARS": ALL MUSIC GUIDE/ 2007 CD release #7, "Stop 2, Cape May Jazz Fest" (Summit)

" TOP JAZZ CD OF 2006" AWARD / SOUL-PATROL.COM/ CD release #8, "Peacetime" (Summit)

Unanimously positive reviews/ CD releases 1 thru 5: "A Labor of Love" (RUP); "3 Flutes Up" and "More What Flute's 4" (Satellites); "Flute Bass-ics" feat. Ron Carter; & "Stop 1 Berlin" (Summit)



Here's what one jazz journalist has to say:

With incredible talent and perseverance, Chip Shelton has earned a  reputation as one of the renowned flutists in the world of jazz. And in recent years he has established himself as a formidable saxophonist as well.

What separates Chip Shelton from most other bandleaders is his ability as a multi-instrumentalist. He utilizes almost the entire woodwind family, and more . 

Shelton's 8+ Flutes include piccolo, concert flute in C, Bb flute d'amour (by Yanagisawa), Eb flute, alto flute in G, bass flute, contra-bass flute, and the Wesley End-Blown flute (played in a saxophone position). 

His 6 saxophones include tenor, alto, soprano, and sopranino, all by the Yanagisawa Company which Shelton endorses.  He also broke new (and old) ground featuring his 1920's-vintage C tenor and C soprano saxes on his 8th CD release 'Imbued With Memories'.

Recently Shelton has added clarinet and bass clarinet to his arsenal. His performances and recordings frequently find him providing percussion, piano, and/or vocals as well.

Chip Shelton has 8 impressive CD releases to date. First was 'A Labor Of Love' on RUP Records in 1995; followed by 2 on Satellites Records; then 5 on Summit Records. Also, there was 'Limited Edition', a 2013 mostly-digital release by his own CCMS label.

Chip Shelton's shining and varied repertoire of originals and standards effortlessly incorporate straight-ahead-jazz, samba, afro-cuban, reggae, soul and more, always leaving his fans and new listeners wanting more.

Shelton played music from pre-school, but he graduated from Howard University's School of Dentistry, as a back-up. While a freshman at Howard U. he was on a mission for a saxophone with a mere $35 budget. His sax budget was short but Baltimore's North Ave. Pawn Shop hooked him up with a student flute.

New York City was next after Howard U. In NYC he studied with John Purcell privately, and at the Manhattan School of Music, as a Jazz Flute major. He studied classical technique with Julius Baker, the 'Dean of American flutists'. He also studied musicianship with Dr. Helen Hobbs Jordan. Shelton received saxophone and flute mentoring at Jazzmobile, Inc. from masters like Jimmy Heath, Frank Wess, and Frank Foster; with Bill Barron at The Muse, in Brooklyn; with Barry Harris and many others in an effort to learn the authentic jazz 'language'.

With confidence to test his chops in front of a tough NYC audience, Shelton hit the scene performing at the Cellar, Birdland, Five Spot, Rainbow Room... and thereafter venues and festivals worldwide."

'The music has a life of its own and I just follow the muse', says Shelton.

Ron Scott- Jazz Journalist



Written By: Chip Shelton

Sect. A1:
is the holiday.
Historical man,
with with an age old plan.
Sect. A2:
Have a dream.
That you would die for.
Speak and Teach.
Dream a better world
Sect. B:
Celebrate nonviolence.
All mankind are truly kin.
Take the day to meditate
on e-qual-i-ty.
Sect A3:
is the holiday.
Love and peace,
come what may.
MLK wont you stand by me.
Prince of peace, do you hear my plea? [repeat til end]

Nukes May They Rust In Peace

Written By: Chip Shelton

Nuclea… Weepons (3x’s).
Nuclea… Freakguns.

Nukes, may they rust in peace. When will the fighting cease?
Love for the I and me. Now I can love you three.
(2nd x: Love for the human race. Now I feel love oase)
Nukes may they rust in peace. Healed feelings calm the beast.
No needs to be right. Makes folly of to fight. (Repeat verse)

Wisdom of the ages converges here now.
Feelings turn the pages. Hearts please take a bow
Wisdom of my people converges here now.
Feelings’ turn to reap, so… Lovers take a bow (repeat verse)
(2nd x: Nukes, may they rust in peace)

Plan Your Dream

Written By: Chip Shelton

[A] Tacit 8 measures

||: Plan your dream | make it happen and | do your thing | 1. It’s all yours if you |
2. Met a man, he said

| plan your dream | make it happen and | do your thing | 1. — :||
2. — So I |

||: 1. Learned how to drive a car | cause I | knew I was gonna go far | — |
2. Got me a bank account though I started with a small amount

| 1. Took me a tour of the town | cause I | knew I’d be gettin around | — :||
2. Checked everything I heard cause I knew what I heard was “word” — He said

|| Get inspired | don't be | no ways tired | — Custom— |

| —ize your scene | go (a)head | PLAN YOUR DREAM | — || (back to top)

| (last x go to CODA)


| PLAN YOUR DREAM | — Suave- ||
||: 1. - cito guy | it’s a | planned out | pie. There’s a |
2. worries girl it’s a planned out world. Lookin
3. dream your plan go (a)head plan your dream. Got to
4. dream your plan go (a)head plan your dream. Got to

| 1. slice for you | when your | plan works through | — Hey, no :||
2. oh so fine, plan workin right on time Got to
3. dream your plan go (a)head plan your dream. Got to
4. dream your plan go (a)head plan your dream. (fine)


"Limited Edition"on CCMS Records, released January 21, 2013, is a sampler of previously-unreleased material from two (2) diverse settings: Rive Gauche/ Cairo Egypt and Cecil's Jazz Club/ USA. For Digital CD download, email

"Imbued With Memories", on Summit Records, Grammy-considered in 2008.

"Have Flute Will Travel- Stop 2, Cape May Jazz Fesival", featuring Doug Carn, on Summit Records. Streaming audio at

"Peacetime", featuring Roy Meriwether, on Summit Records. Streaming audio at:

"Have Flute Will Travel, Stop 1-Berlin", on Summit Records, streaming audio at

"Flute Bass-ics", feat. Ron Carter, on Summit Records, streaming audio at

"More What Flutes 4", featuring Ryo Kawasaki and Roy Meriwether, on Satellites Records, streaming audio at

"3 Flutes Up", featuring Onaje Allan Gumbs and Ryo Kawasaki, on Satellites Records, streaming audio at

"A Labor of Love", featuring Onaje Allan Gumbs and Ryo Kawasaki, on RUP Records, recorded live at The Five Spot, NYC. Ordering info via email to

Set List

1/3 Standards like "Swinging Shepherd Blues", "Half Nelson", "Joy Spring", "Little Sunflower", "I'll Remember April", "Take The A Train", "Confirmation","Recorda Me",       "Nica's Dream", many reharmonized and/or given fresh new treatments; plus sprinkled-in Ballads like "Ruby My Dear",  "Body and Soul", "Stella By Starlight", "Misty"...

1/3 World Beat  including "Heritage Hum", "Thembi", "Don't Go Loose It Baby", and adaptations of Standards in such feels as Reggae, Calypso, Waltz, Soul, Jazz Rock, Second Line, Afro-Cuban, Samba, Mambo, Cha, Cha, Cha, and more.

1/3 Originals, covering ever-varying Jazz feels from the past, present, and future.

All listed are primarily instrumental, with some intermittent, strategically-placed vocals