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This is the new West Coast. Original block muzik created for people tired of the same ol sh*t. Listen for yourself. Chiva Locc spits like no one else and the beats slap. What more could you ask for.


Theres been many trials and tribulations throughout the career of Chiva Locc,just like any other independent artist,so we won't bore you with the past.Coming out of FRESNO,CALI his story starts now. Right now he is prepared to drop his album F*@K REHAB on the independent LO BUDGET MUZIK. The buzz on the streets is strong and the anticipation high .All due to the past years of grinding and promoting.Chiva always keeps you anticipating what he'll say next in a verse and leaves you remembering what he already has. Definetely one of a kind and one you'll be a fan of . Stay Tuned F*@K REHAB 2006


LPs include; For The Kids (2005) Drug Of Choice (2005) F*@k Rehab (2006) Singles : Guest List (2006)

Set List

The set list can be anywhere from 2 tracks(8 min) to 10 tracks (45-50 min) Track selection and length are adjusted according to time available and what type of crowd.