Los Angeles, California, USA

If you'd like to set a "mood for love" that's laid back yet provocative and even hopeful. Then Chivalry is for you! If you like music that plays well in the background when you're at work in the office or around the house, Chivalry is for you. If you're in love, Chivalry will touch your heart!


A Solo Soul studio artist, writer, producer and publisher.

The Music

The music is just a natural part of me. My recordings occur like this. I write a piece of music, put the headphones on, turn on the mic and see what the song has to say. When I get to the end of a song, that’s the recording. No re-recording. I mix it and that’s that. It’s natural. When I write music, it’s a feeling. After I’ve completed a song, if I do want to re-record a part I have to listen to it and learn it because I have no idea of what I played. My lyrics I never write down and I never forget. I think that that’s odd myself but if I were to try and plan and think a song, nothing will happen. As far as my playing skills go, I write music and that’s it. I am in no way a musician. I taught myself to play by writing.

Bembry Entertainment has been online since 1998 and is dedicated to the advancement of independent artists online. "We are family." 4 of the artists that you’ll find are father and sons! We are Bembry Entertainment!

Who is R&B Urban Soul internet Icon, "Chivalry"

The Motown Era!
Detroit, MI
Born June 27, 1961, David J. Bembry

Bembry Music is fully owned and operated by David J. Bembry, also known as the artist "Chivalry." One of the very first new age "Complete Producer's," I am a singer / songwriter, music publisher, producer and manager. My duties include everything from graphic and web design to internet marketing and in-house IT services. "There are more hats than can be named that one must wear as a truly self-contained entrepreneur." Surrounded by talented family and friends, Bembry Music embarks on a whole new era with optimism and hope for a bright future.


1994 "Expressions of Love"
1998 "You Make My Heart Sing"
2005 "I'll Show You Love"
2007 "Only You"
2008 "Serenade" The Ultimate Collection
This cd release contains tracks from all of the previous releases

2009 - "Passion" Coming Soon!