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New York, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

New York, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Alternative




"Voiceless Spotlight: Rock Band Chiwolf First Ever Live Session"

The great ones have all started somewhere.

Hayley met the Farro Brothers at school... then became Paramore.
Pieces of other bands and moving parts became the greatness Slipknot.
14-year-olds Billie and Mike went from Sweet Children to Green Day.

The point I am making is that it is possible to find like-minded individuals with a-rockin' sound, harmonic tones and good vibes and form something great. Definition: Chiwolf.

And with Paramore like pop/rock tunes, that very light heavy metal feel you can sense from there like Slipknot but that crossover appeal like Green Day, Chiwolf drops off their VERY EXCLUSIVE video of their practice of their new single, "Heart to Heart", live from Brooklyn's The Sweatshop. - DJ Mainstream


December 2019
Escape The Play EP

  1. Heart To Heart
  2. Life
  3. Save The Youth
  4. The Islander
  5. I Shot The Sheriff



“Singing ‘Free your soul rock and roll’ at the top of our lungs, we want the world to feel the power of freedom and expression with our rock music!” 

Since 2016, Chiwolf has been working hard on showcasing their creative talents in the rock scene, proclaiming their sole purpose as musicians is to”keep the spirit of rock n roll alive”. Relentless in their efforts to lead the next generation of rockers, Chiwolf is the epitome of what makes rock and roll sexy, cool, daring, loud and unapologetic. Dressed in pure NYC attitude, Chiwolf represents the message of peace, love and freedom of expression.

Their highly anticipated debut EP album Escape The Play, is set to be released by the end of 2019. The album is a perfect introduction to the band’s range of talents as both individuals and as a whole. Expect to be blown away by heart-throbbing melodies and harmonies, jam-rock acoustic guitar rhythms, wickedly face-melting guitar solos, hip grooving bass licks and spell-binding lyrical content. Chiwolf’s release of Escape The Play is ready to set the tone for the coming new year of rock and roll.

Chiwolf’s journey began with long time friends and music collaborators Elvin Stewart Trejos (lead singer/rhythm guitar) and Jamie Arthur Groner (lead guitar). The two met in 2012 during an open jam famously hosted at historic local bar Neir’s Tavern in Woodhaven, Queens. After only a few sessions, together Elvin and Jamie co-founded their first project Nature’s Mojo with friends Richie Perez on bass guitar and Paul Sabatino on drums. Within a year, the band gained local success opening for acts like Faster Pussycat and playing at underground hard rock venues like Blackthorn 51. Unfortunately, the project gained little traction and during the making of their first studio recording, the band fell apart due to differences. Defeated by the fall of their project, Elvin and Jamie decided to take a break from their music careers and pursue other endeavors.

Two years after the disbandment of Nature’s Mojo, Elvin reignited his creative determination, and began performing at open mics and subway stations. By the end of 2015, he completed his self-produced studio recording of his EP album Keepin’ It Easy and prepared to make his debut as a solo artist. As fate would have it on the night of his debut performance at a local venue, Jamie arrived with motivation to get back together for a new project. It didn’t take long for Elvin and Jamie to recruit best friend and Nature’s Mojo hype-girl Yesenia Amanda Mora (percussion/backup vocals) to join as cajonist, thus leading to the birth of their new project Escape The Play.

After a year of playing shows in the New York City indie music scene, as an acoustically driven trio, Escape The Play began their search for a bassist. While on the hunt for a bassist, Elvin’s younger brother Joel Sebastian Trejos (Bassist) had come into his own as a guitar playing phenom and without question ended the search for the band’s bass player.

The metamorphosis of the band’s image and sound called for a rechristening of their name from Escape The Play to Chiwolf. The inspiration behind the new band name is driven by the dynamic of the band’s positive and light-hearted energy, which is the life-force and magic that creates their sound.

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