Chloe Hall

Chloe Hall

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

“Nothing prepared me for Chloe’s stellar live performance” (Canadian review, see ‘press’). Australian alternative folk singer-songwriter Chloe Hall is an engaging, intriguing and charismatic performer with years of touring experience in Australia, North America and Europe. Touring UK Aug-Dec 2010


“Chloe Hall is a woman at the top of her singer/songwriter profession. She makes you laugh, cry, sigh and dream. And that voice… A treasure to file alongside Joni Mitchell, Nanci Griffith and Paul Simon. Listen!”

Everyone who has been following Chloe Hall’s career over the last 3 years can feel the momentum building.

From her roots as a troubadour on Australia’s folk-circuit, through extensive touring in Australia, North America and, more recently, Europe, Chloe has grown into an exciting international artist. Since her first international tour in 2007, Chloe has built strong relationships with audiences around the world, earning a reputation for her unforgettable melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, stunning voice and for the energy and humour she brings to each performance.

Chloe Hall is an engaging, entertaining and charismatic performer. An exceptional songwriter with a beautiful voice, she is a mature and assured artist, exuding real honesty and strength through her music.

“She is sheer joy. A Sixties vibe with a true modern day slant. Love her!”

“A young Nanci Griffith... heartwarming and magnificent!”

The Album: Outside

Chloe’s fourth recording, Outside, is catching the attention of audiences and radio across Canada and Europe, with airplay on Canada’s national broadcaster (CBC), the BBC in the UK and online and community stations everywhere. This exciting album continues the collaboration with long-time producer Greg Arnold (Carus, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Things of Stone and Wood), and showcases Chloe’s best songwriting to date.
Mixed in Nashville with star producer Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Bob Evans, Jill Sobule), it takes the 60s-70s singer-songwriter aesthetic of Chloe’s previous recording, the highly acclaimed album White Street, and marries it to a new-millennium acoustica.

“**** (four stars)”

“***** (five stars). How much praise can you heap on one album?”

The Chloe Hall Trio

For her 4-month tour of Canada and Europe in 2009, Chloe got together with fellow Australians Chris Mildren, a musical bass player with a beautiful voice, and Teal Bain-Roben, a sensitive percussionist with a strong voice and keen sense of harmony, to form the Chloe Hall Trio. From their first rehearsal it was obvious they had something special… Now, a year and a half later, the Trio has earned a reputation for their innovative 3-part harmony, gutsy arrangements and joyful, uplifting shows.

Since her first international tour in 2007, Chloe’s reach as extended beyond Australian audiences to Canada, where the new album has been exceptionally well received by folk and acoustic music communities. Now, since their 4-month tour in 2009, the Chloe Hall Trio has been widely embraced by audiences across Europe, particularly the UK, where their shows were sold out, their online weekly road movies watched by thousands and the album, Outside, received airplay on community stations and the BBC.

In 2010, the Trio are heading back to the UK, to continue what they started, and keep the momentum rolling…


All or Nothing

Written By: Chloe Hall

You’ve been putting your pennies away
Saving your best for a rainy day
Well it’s cats and dogs out there tonight

Keeping your secrets somewhere safe
Your dandelion wishes floating away
Could be taking seed somewhere tonight

And it’s all or nothing…


Where do you run when you’ve got nowhere to hide?
Your back’s against the wall, you’re swimming against the tide
But it’s already begun, so get ready to ride
See your stars come out to shine – one at a time

You’ve been playing it safe, laughing along
Saying one day maybe you’ll belong
But there’s an ocean between us now

You try to fit in, but you just stand out
You never know what to talk about
The wheels in motion are turning for you now

And it’s all or nothing…


Heads you win
Tails you try again
Sink or swim
You sink or swim
You put up your hand
Head in the sand
See the trouble you’re in

All or nothing…


White Street

Written By: Chloe Hall

In the front room of your house
Being as quiet as I can be
In front of your dressing table mirrors
I see millions of me
And the saints look down from above your door
But I don’t feel the sun on my face through the white lace bay window anymore

Beautiful memory
Beautiful White Street

The heart of the house is in the kitchen
A family larger than life
Newspaper clippings, letters, pills, matches and photographs
A boy, a man and wife
And a breeze brings the world from outside
A screeching cocky with a long memory
Now we’re popping fuchsia petals down the side
It’s all alive now in me

Beautiful memory
Beautiful White Street

Carefully opening your crystal cabinet
There are precious things that too easily break
And now I see you dozing by the window in your chair
Are you awake?
And I close my eyes on this window that I stepped through
Thinking if these walls could talk,
They’d tell a lifetime of you

Beautiful memory
Beautiful White Street
Beautiful Memory
Beautiful White Street

How many roads

Written By: Chloe Hall

Like a first love, but it’s the last chance
Wish I’d got it together to get up to dance
But I let you go without a second glance
And now you’re on the last plane home

But I’ll find the first star to lead me to the river
And take me down to the ocean blue
I’ll leave a message for the setting sun
To take around the world to you


How many roads to my love?
How many ways to read the signs?
I couldn’t do it
I couldn’t do it
I couldn’t find a way to lead me to it
How many roads to my love?

It’s in the first light of the new day
Thought you’d be lost for words to say
But you call my name and now you’re on your way
Kenmare to Jubilee

So take the first train to leave the station
And take you out to the open sea
Put a message in a bottle there
And send it home to me


There you are
Like a vision you stand
Hand in pocket
Looks like we got it all
I’ll fall at your feet
Baby, now you’ve got all of me

How many roads to my love?
How many ways to read the signs?
I couldn’t do it
I couldn’t do it
Until I found the one to lead me to it
How many roads to my love?


Written By: Chloe Hall

Waiting for the phone to ring
I wait through winter for the spring
Like waiting on platforms for trains for hours and hours

Looking for a needle in the hay
Looking for the right things to say
Looking for someone – it’s not all chocolates and flowers

Over here, I’m over here
Been underground, coming up now
And I’ll be coming back for more

Over here, I’m over here
Maybe behind you, when I find you
I’ll be knocking at your door

You look so good, you sound so right
And now I want to know

Are you the rose or the thorn?
Are you the teacup or the storm?
Are you the one worth waiting for?
Are you the shipwreck or the shore?

Read the label, read the signs
Been reading in between the lines
I’d read the book before the movie, season after season

Give me the child, I’ll show you the man
Give me a chance, here I am
Out of the box – come on and give me a reason to…

Over here, I’m over here
Day after day, time slips away
I hope I run into you soon

Over here, I’m over here
But I won’t settle for the petal
When the flower’s still in bloom

You look so good, you feel so right
Now I want to know



Written By: Chloe Hall

Waiting on the footpath in the sun
Nothing I have to do is getting done
But I close my eyes and think of you

The world is getting in under the gate
Lose one more day and it might be too late
There I go working myself up into a state
But I close my eyes
Come back to you

I can’t do this
I can’t do this alone

Everyone looks like they’ve got a place to go
There’s not a lot of room for saying no
But I close my eyes
Remember you

The signs are bright, the traffic is so loud
You’re just another face inside the crowd
Lines like that just shouldn’t be allowed
Then I close my eyes
Come back to you



I'm still here

Written By: Chloe Hall

I’m still here, on the ground
Smell, sight, taste, touch and sound
I’m still here, my heart beating
My heart beating

Here’s to you, high up on the lookout
Sweet, bitter earth, smells like rain
Here’s to you, straight from the bottle
I breathe your name

Here’s to you, high above the lookout
The more I look, the more I see
Here’s to you, straight from the bottle
To you and me


Here’s to you, high up on the lookout
Wine to water, on my tongue
Here’s to you, straight from the bottle
Here and gone

Here’s to you, high above the lookout
My hands are cold, my lips are numb
Here’s to you, straight from the bottle
To holding on


Here’s to you, high up on the lookout
The more I listen, the more I hear
Here’s to you, straight from the bottle
I’m still here



NEW – Outside (album)
2006 – White Street (album)
2001 – Chloe Hall (EP)
2000 – White Sky (debut mini-album)

Set List

Chloe is an original alternative folk singer-songwriter from Australia.

Regularly performing 2 sets of 45 minutes, Chloe has enough material for up to 2 1/2 hours.