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San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"ChloeJ - Cover of Urban Teen Magazine"

ChloeJ Cover of Urban Teen Magazine (March/April 2011)
Please view article at - Sandra Steven

"ChloeJ Headlines at the 5th Annual Arts & Culture Fest"

Young R&B artist/songwriter, ChloeJ, headlines at the 5th Annual Arts & Culture Fest on Sat Oct 16, 2010. - Junkie Promotions

"ChloeJ Interview"

ChloeJ interviewed by Jaclyn is future journalist and write for a teen magazine! - Jaclyn Salamone

"Young R&B artist/songwriter, ChloeJ, headlines at the 5th Annual Arts & Culture Fest on Sat Oct 16, 2010."

Mark your Calendar for Chloe J!
Posted by: Junkie Promotions on: October 4, 2010

Young R&B artist/songwriter, Chloe Jordache headlines at the 5th Annual Arts & Culture Fest on Sat Oct 16, 2010. Chloe Jordache also known as Chloe J, is a 15-year-old quadruple threat; acting, singing, dancing and songwriting are just some of her amazing talents! She is not your average your teen being a Star Power Ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation while, performing for Quincey Jones (“WE ARE THE WORLD” 50th Anniversary) and still continuing her education!! Chloe J is a role model, inspiration and a young girl with a big voice! So, be on the look out for this rising star!!
Here is a taste of Chloe J:
(Video from her youtube:

Follow Chloe here:
Chloe J’s Youtube
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Here is more information on the performance below:

Performance Location:
Youth Movement Stage
Address:310-342 Euclid Ave San Diego, CA 92114
Performance Time:
3:30pm – 4:00 pm
Be sure to stop by and show Chloe J some Love!!
- Ashley Hackworth of Junkie Promotions

"Radio Interview"

Radio Interview - Radio Interview

"ChloeJ - Star to Come"

There is so much great talent in the world today and the number is growing everyday. Chloe J is no exception to the great talent, she is an outstanding Pop and R&B artist. The voice she has for this is far better than most that is currently on the charts. The growing number of young artists is staggering. For some of these people their lives are literally changing over night. I believe it`s just a matter of time before Chloe J has the world at her finger tips. She is in the perfect location to make this happen. Living in San Diego California she has easier access than most to Hollywood the movie capital of the world and some of the largest record labels out there.
Chloe J is fifteen years old; ever since she could talk she has been saying to her parents that she wanted to be a famous singing star when she grows up. Well she has gotten a great start at achieving that. Her parents got her started with vocal lessons at age five. By age twelve she had already began recording her own originals. (The music in this article is all her originals). People who can write their own songs, once signed on tend to do far better than those who do not. The reason is because those songs mean something to the artist and that always translates back to the audience. Chloe J has these abilities to write and deliver the song perfectly. One of Chloe J`s favorite hobbies is to write poems. Late last year she began turning some of those poems into songs. Her very first song she wrote was " Until-The Hug Song " this song was very special , she wrote the lyrics , created the melodies and produced the recording all by herself.
Chloe J has been busy since she began. At age eleven she got to perform with a famous singer from the Philippines Gary Valenciano he was on tour in LA and she was asked to be his opening act. This was her very first professional performance and sang to a crowd of 5000 people at the Orpheum Theater. This performance made her realize that she did want to pursue a singing career (I am glad she did). Quincy Jones for his 50Th tribute to his humanitarian works she was honored with singing the lead vocals to “We Are the World “. It was a special performance for her and after, received some very good advice from him that she says, she will treasure for the rest of her life. She is also apart of the PACE school tour program since she was 12. She performs at middle schools and high schools in the Los Angeles school district for thousands of students at school assemblies to promote staying in school through creative expression. Plus she performs to a lot of charity events that believes kids are the answer to improving the lives of everyone and whose mission is to get kids involved in giving back to their local communities and makes appearances at various events and charity functions on that organization’s behalf. (Chloe J is someone that others can definitely look up to as a role model). Chloe J is one of the celebrity Starpower Ambassadors for Starlight Children’s Foundation she says, these things makes her feel good to give of herself to these meaningful causes.

She does have a CD available ChloeJ in the House I highly recommend it and part of the sales go to the Starlight Children's Foundation. Chloe J is currently working on a new Cd which I am anxious to hear it when it comes out. Despite being busy with Cd`s , performances and charities she still makes time for fun. Like going to movies ( I love movies ) hanging out at the beach and just being with friends and of coarse listening to music , she says, she has her ipod with her 24/7 . ( For anyone no matter what it is you do, it is always important to leave time for fun ). I did ask her if there was anything special that she would like for other people to know about her:: I would like to thank my Mommy who has played a crucial role in my success. She has always been very supportive and has truly nurtured my budding career. Without her I wouldn’t be here right now. I just want people to know that if you really believe in yourself then you can do it. Nothing is impossible. Take one day at a time and work hard on it. Patience is a virtue, and dreams may come when you just wait very patiently. ( Awesome ) . For all of her fans and soon to be fans here are the links in which to find Chloe J .. .. .. .. .. . I hope everyone enjoys her music as much as I do. Below you will find a live performance of her original song " Nobody " along with her back up dancers. I would like to give a shout to .. Ice Blaq, Stixx, Tim Faley, Melissa Ochoa, Sammi Greff, Tasha, and Tsubasa . They done a great job...
- Tommy Neal of Star2come

"Upcoming Teen Superstar - ChloeJ!"

SAN DIEGO, USA – Upcoming teen superstar Chloe Jordache aka ChloeJ is about to make it big on the music scene as she prepares to unleash her incredible vocals to the world. Singing from an early age, Chloe has a powerful voice, recording songs professionally since the age of 12.

In 2008 Chloe was chosen by Quincy Jones to perform the lead vocals for ‘We are the World’ at his 50th Anniversary Entertainment Tribute Concert in Hollywood.

She has also appeared in feature films and music videos with acts such as Chamillionaire, 36 Mafia and has become the Star Power ambassador for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities.

Find out how Chloe, now aged 14 is taking the next step in her career, and what has inspired her.

Exclusive interview with ChloeJ

When did you first start singing?
I started singing ever since I basically came out of my mom! I actually started taking singing lessons when I was 5, and I have been singing ever since. My mom told me that when I was younger I always used to say, ‘ Oh, I’m gonna be a famous singer when I’m older!’ I don’t remember saying it, but I guess I have always enjoyed singing.

Do you have a certain style you enjoy singing?
I really like singing RnB because I think I have that soul in me. Beyoncé really inspires me. She can dance, act and sing, and I can do those things to, so I hope I can become like her one day.

Who are your favorite musicians?
Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Usher – one of my all time favorites. I started listening to him ever since I was in elementary school. I also like Neyo.

Can you do any Usher dance moves?
No, but I can dance. I can’t do the moonwalk yet, but I am practicing! It would be something cool to learn.

What inspired you to sing?
I started to like singing, and listened to the radio when I was younger and I always used to sing along. I loved it and I want to touch people’s lives through singing.

Who would you most like to go on tour with?
Beyoncé would be really fun, Lady Gaga. I think she’s really weird but she’s cool. She would be great to talk to!

Are you interested in fashion?
When I am older I hope to design some clothes. I am really into fashion and I guess I have my own style. I kind of follow what everyone is doing but I put my own touch on it.

Do you want to play roles in movies later?
I have been in a music video and some feature films such as ‘Edges of Darkness’ where I was a zombie. I really like this show called ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ It’s a TV show here in the US and its really good, and Id like to be in something like that. It’s on ABC family. I’d play the main character, someone who’s funny, but serious too.

What do you like about acting?
I think its cool putting yourself into someone else’s perspective and not being you for a second. I think its cool to be in someone else’s shoes and to think what they would be thinking.

Are you recording any tracks?
A couple of weeks ago I started recording 3 new songs in Las Vegas with Producer MarvelousJ. He’s really fun to work with. I have 3 songs with him, and we are waiting for them to be mixed and hopefully they will be on the next album. We are working towards that.

Do you have a message for people wanting to achieve success?
If you want to be something like an actor or singer or anything really, just believe in yourself and keep practicing. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because you can, if you really believe. Practice makes perfect. That’s what I learned, and my mom always tells me that…even when I don’t really want to practice…It really does work out in the long run. Keep doing what your doing, and hopefully you’ll get there one day!

Find out more about ChloeJ: - Film Industry Network


We Skate We Roll
Call Me
Until (The Hug Song)
Be Right Here
All I Ever Need



Next American Teen Superstar, CHLOE JORDACHE (a.k.a. CHLOE J), most recently earned the winner of the 12th Annual Great American Song Contest in the R&B category of her newest song "Stutterin'" that she also had the privilege to create the melodies. ChloeJ has also been selected as a semi-finalist in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition in the Teen Category and the 18th Annual Billboard Song Contest.

ChloeJ also recently earned the Southwest Regional Finalist and received the second highest vote count nationally in THE NEXT AMERICAN STAR competition, (a national music contest where CHLOE J performed at the HOUSE OF BLUES in DALLAS TX in June, 2009).

Last August 2009, CHLOEJ performed with 6 back-up dancers for Jive Record A&R Showcase and was voted the number one top artist. CHLOEJ just recently became the Star Power Ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation. In 2008 CHLOE J was chosen by the legendary QUINCY JONES personally to perform the lead vocals for “WE ARE THE WORLD” at his 50th Anniversary in Entertainment Tribute concert in Hollywood. She was named as “Top 24 MySpace Artist of 2009”.

CHLOEJ began developing her extraordinary talents and passion for singing at the early age of 2 years old. By the age of 5, she was entered into various workshops for commercial, acting, modeling and vocal training. CHLOEJ soon became well known as, "The Small Kid with the Big Voice!”. CHLOEJ has performed as a lead talent in many stage plays, talent shows, choir performances and singing competitions including the lead roles of Laurie in "Oklahoma" & Sarah Brown in "Guys & Dolls. She also appeared in a “Back to School” K-Mart commercial.”

At 11 years old, ChloeJ had her major venue singing debut at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles as the opening act for a Gary Valenciano concert and performed to over 5,000 fans. She received the 2006 Broadway Award & ASCAP Voice Study certificate. CHLOE J was featured in the Three 6 Mafia music video "Doe Boy Fresh" also featuring Chamillionaire. She starred in "The Road of Asylum", an independent film for “The 168 Film Project” that was nominated for "Best Children's Film." In March 2007, CHLOE J received 2 awards from “Jazz One” and “The Studio of Music” ("2007 Best On-Stage Performance” & "2007 Most Outstanding Pop Vocal Performance ").

In October, 2007, CHLOEJ traveled to her hometown of San Diego, CA, to perform live on the Channel 10 – San Diego Telethon, where she donated a percentage of her music sales to assist the San Diego Wildfire Relief Efforts (National Red Cross). CHLOEJ continues her efforts with numerous charity related performances and supports many philanthropic causes regularly. Last December 2008, CHLOEJ performed with Sheila E for Elevation Hope Charity. CHLOEJ is one of the hosts for All Star that benefits charities & good causes and she appears & performs through various events & charity functions.

CHLOEJ is currently performing as a member of the highly successful ongoing school tour, (P.A.C.E.). She performs regularly at Middle Schools and High Schools in the Los Angeles Metro Area. The school tour programs are a public/private creative effort committed to inspiring students to “STAY IN SCHOOL”. CHLOEJ helps encourage the students to commit to their education and sends a message, “The More You Learn. The More You Earn".

On October 21, 2007, CHLOEJ was the Artist of the Week at, a worldwide A&R music directory. Her song "Nobody" was awarded the song of the month. wrote, "CHLOE JORDACHE is 12 years old. Does that mean that she sings like a 12 year old - Hell no! Be sure to listen to this little wonder before she is discovered by the rest of the world!!!”

CHLOEJ continues to pursue her acting career and is currently taking advanced acting classes with Gary Spatz (Conservatory of Acting Academy), Joey Paul (Cold Reading Workshops) and ongoing private vocal lessons with top instructors Billy Purnell and Steven Memel. CHLOE ChloeJ's mission as a recording artist is to share her music & become a positive role model to all her fans. ChloeJ said, "The entertainment business is very challenging and hard. Dreams do come true but you need to work hard on it”.

Apart from her drive to be a successful recording artist and actress, Chloe also grows in her spirituality. She's thankful to God and she finds strength in her favorite bible verse: You can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me - Philippians 4:13