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THE DEMO, a 4 song promo EP is available now, self titled debut, due out July 4th 2010



Chloesopensocket is my ( Michael Marino ) alter ego. Making a living as the rythmn section of Tampa Bay's SAVE THE RADIO!, Tony Rook and I play hundreds of shows together, it's fun, however, Chloesopensocket is therapy for all the assholes, douche-bags, and corrupt politicians we are assaulted by on a daily basis. If your a jerk off we have met, odds are, we have written a song about it. If your a politician, we've written a song about you. If you are Barack Obama, we've written about you...we are not scared.

The music is our soul. Heavy rock, metal, alternative, industrial, electronic, call it what you want, we don't's monstrous and grinding.
Behind the angst, the underlying theme for Chloes is freedom and independence, 2 things lacking greatly in our society today. Greed, corruption, and empathy have led to complacency and ignorance. Government is simply walking away with our liberty. You may say ,"same old song and dance", we would say, that makes you part of the problem. We will fight for what we believe in the only way we know how, thru our music, and with our friends. We fiercely support independent musicians, film makers, and freedom loving people around the world.

Finally, thank you for your interest in Chloesopensocket, but be aware, we are brutally honest, ,maybe to a fault, we call em as we see em. We will not be pushed around, we are principled, and that's just the way it is.