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Those Dirty Rats

Written By: Chloe Tingey

Mr & Mrs Blood

Mr B: These children can ruin one’s life
Mrs B: We give them shelter Mr blood and his wife
Mr B: Seems such a shame
Mrs B: To lose more than we gained
Mr B: So I got evil
Mrs B: I got wicked
Both: We got Bad ~~~~~

Mr B: When I see the children playing
I feel my blood begin to boil
Mrs B: If I hear the sound of laughter
My fingers start itching to spoil

Mr B: They’re wretched and rude
Mrs B: Not to mention crude
Both: So we must act with a very angry mood

Mr B: Most are too sick or too old
They won't do what they're told
Or make us any gold
Mrs B: So we must whip them
With no mercy
Let’s be bold!
Mr B: Yes dear.

Mrs B: That brat Clara how dare think of
Choking me to death
She will be punished locked away
Starved till there’s nothing left.

Mr B: That gastly Jem
How dare he ruin
My inspection
He’ll be sorry
He messed with me
When I throw away the key to that room

Mrs B: That Ned numbskull
When he spoke
It made me look so bad
When I catch him
He will regret it
He will be so sad!

Mr B: That little Billy
Causing a riot
I know he will be quiet
When he’s alone
with the Stiff-uns
They’ll chew him to the bone

Mrs B: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

MrB: dum di dum did id de dum

Both: They have caused our downfall
Caused us all this strife
Let’s throw them to the fire
And take away their life
We once ruled the world!
But now we can’t because of those brats!
Those dirty rats!

(C) 2007 Chloe Tingey All Rights Reserved


Written By: Chloe Tingey

Tonight let’s watch the moon rise
And we’ll fly up higher than the stars
Oh we’ll forget
All that we’ve left
Leave behind the sun
‘Cos something new has begun oh

We’ll dance tonight
In the pale moonlight
We’ll move like the breeze
That is rustling the leaves

I never thought
I’d feel this way
About you
But this feels right
Both the place and the time
Feel my heat shake you
Just let the wind take you
I won’t let nothing wake you
From our dream
Our special scene
Our special scene

We’ll dance tonight
In the pale moonlight
We’ll move like the breeze
That is rustling the leaves
Oh tonight
Lets watch
The Moonrise

(C) 2007 Chloe Tingey All Rights Reserved


Written By: Chloe Tingey

We both remember
What's happened in the past
It's time to forget
Bad memories at last
If we sat and watched the sky
Moving over us over us
Just like we used to pass time by
I would have long enough long enough
To say

How could you not expect
I want my secrets kept secrets kept
And I somehow made believe
There was far more depth far more depth
To us

Before the night gets old
I want this story this story told

And I thought you were so fine
And I believed it how could I?
Well now you've lost my trust
And it's your turn to cry turn to cry
Over what you've lost

So when the clock chimes fourteen
And the sky turns green sky turns green
That's when I'll trust you once again
But until then until then

When the night burns bright
And the snow turns black snow turns black
When the sun comes up at midnight
That's when I'll want you back by my side by my side
Right here by my side

So when an ice cube sinks
Or an ostrich flies way up high way up high
Let's reassemble shattered glass
Or wait for the fall of the sky

© 2007 Chloe Tingey All Rights Reserved

Misty Skies

Written By: Chloe Tingey

Just close your eyes
Remember misty skies
In our world
Reality dies

Above the trees
Wind moves the dancing leaves
And the shadows
They play with the light now

Cos I can tell
You're feeling this as well
But they can't understand
Our secret land now

Just smell the air
We're on a different layer to the world
And everyone else now
This is our world

Wait for the sun
The birds have just begun
Flying in circles
Without a care in the world

At last we're free
There's nowhere else I would rather be
Than right here holding your hand

Cos I can tell
You're feeling this as well
But they can't understand
Our secret land

Is it me
Or has time suddenly
Decided to muck around
It's turned upside down
This is our world

You say my name
How to explain what we're feeling right here right now
Horizons are still but we're spinning around
I love that sound of the bird song

Is calling you and me
To return
Right back down to earth now
You kissed my tear
At last I see it's clear

This is our world

© 2007 Chloe Tingey All Rights Reserved

April Eve

Written By: Chloe Tingey

April Eve and the sun is setting
I’m alone by the waterside
We said we’d split
And no regrets
I just can’t believe that
Our love has died

Sobbing the tide is ebbing
Wind caressing stirs my hair
Saw your shadow through the ripples
Soft adieu but you do not care

Sighing seagulls flying
Waves breaking my wounded heart
Crying were you lying
Your silken words we’ll never part

Vast open skies you hold no clues
Fleeting clouds don’t have no blues
The tide will turn then the grief I’ll spurn
Wind blow to me and make me feel free

Now its night
And the stars shine bright
New crescent moon sheds soft new light

Morning will dawn the first of May
And I’ll live to love
Yes I'll live to love another day

© 2007 Chloe Tingey All Rights Reserved

You Bring Me Light

Written By: Chloe Tingey

Looking on a dismal day
From the window pain
I can almost see you there standing in the rain

Traveling on a motorway I see
Everyone except you and me
I know something isn't right
It just don't feel the same tonight
You bring me light

If I could go back through time
Change the way things went
Wouldn't have thrown away the happy times we spent
Now that we are standing here
All because you've made it clear
To you out love has almost gone
But to me it still goes on

You bring me light
You bring me light

When was the last time I forget
Knew it was you when we first met
But now you're gone how could I've let
You go

You bring me light
You bring me light

© 2007 Chloe Tingey All Rights Reserved