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“I’m glad I’m back,” she says. “Writing wasn’t too challenging, I already had the poetry inside myself, dormant words and rhymes. Once I began they came out in a steady flow. I had lots to say. That’s still how my writing works; I stew on it for a long while and take the time to think. My biggest challenge was performing because I had real issues with stage fright. I found it tough because I’m not a show pony. I suppose last year I realised that it didn’t matter that I’m not all glitter and racket. I enjoy performing now and that natural high you get after giving your story away without being false. It’s exhilarating, sharing secrets.”
Now Tully is set to take the next step in her musical career with the release of the Wallflower EP and while that has been taking up most of her energy, she has been writing new material for a possible album release later this year.
“Life is a chaotic whirlwind at the moment,” Tully says. “I am just about to head off on a tour of western/central Queensland’s radio stations to celebrate the release of the EP in February. Recording is definitely on the cards for later. I’ve been writing new songs during and after the production of Wallflower. They’re a little darker, more grit and less twinkle.”
She has made some big steps in the past few months, but Tully still seems excited about continuing to learn on her journey.
“I plan to get on the road this year and share my music, get around some of the capital cities. I would also like to further my skills in percussion, and banjo. Most importantly I plan to explore, observe and make music.”
WHO: Chloe Tully
WHAT: Wallflower (Independent)
WHERE & WHEN: Treasury Casino Thursday Feb 4


"South-West Singer Songwriter Taking Music To The Masses"

Breaking into the Oz music industry is hard enough, but what if you come from South West Qld? Quilpie singer/songwriter Chloe Tully hasn't let that deter her at all though. Basing herself in Brisbane, where she has already spent a large part of her 22 years at boarding school and university, Chloe has been performing at a number of live venues and has recorded her debut EP 'Wallflower'. She's also been able to garner herself a little airplay as a Triple J Unearthed artist in the past year. Chloe's love of music was triggered by her dad's cassettes of Bob Dylan, Paul Kelly, and Simon & Garfunkel. She says the harsh Outback landscape permeates her song-writing and a listen to the 'Wallflower' EP confirms this, particularly in her home town song 'Quilpie'. Music lovers of the West are looking forward to following this talented artist's career as she continues to write, record, and perform.

- ABC Radio

"Brisbane Music Lineup announced!"

Chloe Tully: Spirited and sincere, Australian singer-songwriter Chloe Tully is a sigh of relief in a world of disposable pop music. The 22 year old grew up in south-west Queensland, on the edge of the desert, 1000km from the closest city. In recent months she has enjoyed marvelous success after releasing her debut EP ‘Wallflower’ in February, joining ranks with Albert Music Publishing in Sydney. Chloe is currently writing and recording for her next record.

- The Finders Keepers

"Spritely singer-songwriter CHLOE TULLY, who plys some sweet country tinged acoustic folk in Brisbane this week, introduces her debut EP Wallflower to RAVE."

Spritely singer-songwriter CHLOE TULLY, who plys some sweet country tinged acoustic folk in Brisbane this week, introduces her debut EP Wallflower to RAVE.

Most people have dozens of radio stations to choose from when discovering music, what music were you exposed to, being located on a remote cattle station, and educated at home (1200 km west of Brisbane)?

I never listened to the radio during my childhood out west, so mostly my music sources came from old tapes my parents owned. My Dad had a lot to do with my early influences because he also taught me guitar. Those first songs were by people like Simon & Garfunkel, Don McLean and Bob Dylan…then I’d listen to trashy tapes by The Bangles and Bette Midler.

How has this influenced your style?

Well, I grew up listening to story-tellers and now I’ve become one. That connection to the west, the people’s stories and my connection with the same piece of land over generations also influences my style and why I write.

Songwriting can be quite a solitary activity – was your remoteness a blessing or a curse in developing your songs?

These days it’s a blessing. I go home a few times a year specifically to get away from the static and energy that is Brisbane. That’s where I like to write, where I don’t get distracted by people because my driveway is 46km long.

Where are you based now, and how has your home influenced your work?

I am currently based in Brisbane. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of music that’s new to my ears. Guys like James Taylor and Ryan Adams are on repeat a lot. Live input stirs the creative juices too and I find myself coming up with new sounds and textures.

Tell us a little about the mentoring program run by The Hive, and the influence of Roz Pappalardo?

The Hive was running a mentoring program for young songwriters in 2008 and I decided to tag along. It ended up being the best thing I did for myself that year. When I met Roz I hadn’t done any recording or gigs. I was completely green to the music scene. Roz spurred me on and now I’m running…

What stories does the Wallflower EP tell about Chloe Tully?

They’re stories and messages about human interactions and experiences. But they’re not necessarily all about my personal encounters although one track is about my home town Quilpie. I do a lot of people watching and observing; I am fascinated by humans and how complex our minds are. It would be true to say that Wallflower is an anthology of the people I’ve met and observed. Their stories are the essence of my EP.

CHLOE TULLY plays the Treasury Casino’s Premiers Bar on Thursday Feb 4, with more dates throughout February.

- RAVE Magazine


2010 'Wallflower' EP
- Wallfower
- King & Country
- Gingerbread House
- Joe

Radio Air Play
- Wallflower
- Joe
- Paradise
- Drowning Boy

New ep coming soon



On a folk-art inspired chair a young woman sits with her legs folded like bows under her. She peers out across a bush garden. The morning air is overflowing with noise. Parrots in giant trees gossip shrilly and insects resonate a low hum. The dogs are barking at an intruder somewhere to the distant south, while a piglet is squealing for his breakfast.
 She is unruffled.
Taking a sip from a mug of milky tea she beams a smile born out of ease and relief
‘I am home,’ she sighs.
The somewhat awkward and yet entrancing Australian folk singer/songwriter Chloe Tully is troubadour of a different kind. Born and raised in outback Australia, on a sheep and cattle station 1,200km west of Brisbane Chloe grew up saturated in the history of her Irish pioneering ancestors and cattle kings of the late 18oo’s. She did her primary schooling at home and was taught by her mother through a program called ‘School of Distance Education’ via the radio. It was also during those early years that she learnt guitar. Her father’s choice of music such as John Denver and Paul Kelly heavily influenced her development as a musical child. At the age of ten, and at her insistence, Chloe was sent to boarding school. ‘That’s when I began to heavily rely on music. I was often homesick and because my parents were ten hours away, the only thing I had to hold onto was music.’
This desert nymph seems to be bringing a piece of the outback with her, scattering hints of it in between song lyrics and on the stage. Yet there is no cowboy hat to be seen. She escorts her listeners on a journey of human interactions and personal discoveries.
 Chloe’s first EP Wallflower which was released in February 2010 is a superb first delivery of what can be achieved from such little resources. Using just an Mbox and two mics she and producer/musician Steve Grady created the record. ‘It was a lot of trial and error. And I’ll admit I did spit the dummy a few times. I was incredibly green to the whole process.’ Luckily she made it through to compile five full band tracks plus one hidden track. All the songs off the album are written by Chloe.
 By mid 2010, coming off the end of a radio tour in regional Queensland and successfully landing national radio play on ABC with her track 'Wallflower' Chloe was ready to take another step towards releasing a studio record. With the help of her Mum, Chloe set out countless emails to various producers and recording studios. In the end, it was two gentlemen from Albert Music (Australia's Largest Independent Label) who took a genuine interest in Chloe's song writing - in particular the track 'Wallflower'. Chloe began working with producer Michael Szumowski on three band tracks (part of a small agreement which enabled Chloe studio time at Albert Studios). Upon the eve of this experience it was then that Albert Music offered Chloe her first Publishing deal.
In 2011 Chloe saw a change in her style of writing - leaning of a variety of music for varied inspiration. Chloe also took the liberty of sending herself on an adventure to London. There she worked with several writers including Alex Gray (Ladyhawke), Pete Hobbs (The Boy Least Likely To) & Justin Parker (Lana Del Ray "video Games). On the back burn of London Chloe began writing for a new EP. Back in Australia she has written with some of the world's best writers including: Steve Parkin (Eskimo Joe / Basement Birds), Old Man River, multi ARIA winning producer Wayne Connolly & Dmitri Ehrlich (Moby).
Currently Chloe is midst recording her 2nd EP with producer Wayne Connolly. She anticipates a release towards the second half of 2012.