Chlorine Dream

Chlorine Dream


Fearless exploration of intellectual and dark themes through songs that meld Another Green World-era Brian Eno and Sticky Fingers-era Stones. With the release of their debut, Mental Weather, it’s the perfect time to open your ears and mind to the Dream team’s brand of aural beauty and chaos.


The Buildings Are Burning / The Armies Still Fight
Politicians Are Scheming / What To Do With Our Rights
Things Can’t Go Any Further / Some Things Got To Give
What An Existence / What A Way To Live
-Sentiments (On The Natural Sway of Things)

Environment, Existence, and Individuality are some of the prevalent themes that ebb and flow throughout Mental Weather, the stunning debut album from Chlorine Dream. Released in December 2003 on the band’s own Chaos Disorder Recordings imprint, Mental Weather fearlessly explores intellectual and dark themes through a body of songs that conjure up a melding of rock, psych, jazz, world music, and country. Picture Another Green World era Brian Eno fusing with Sticky Fingers era Stones to get an idea of the headspace that consumes the group. With the Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom providing spiritual guidance and production tips, Chlorine Dream have created an album that fully assumes the weight of its ambitions.

Comprised of Blake Alexander on bass and vocals, multi-instrumentalist Dave McCluskey on keyboards et al., Ryan Richardson on drums and percussion, original guitarist Myles O’Brien, and new addition Francesco Emmanuel on lead guitar, Chlorine Dream are a band with a sense of urgency. Forming in the fall of 1998, while finishing university, Chlorine Dream had a dilemma. Who would play what? With all four original members being proficient guitarists, the troupe decided to draw the proverbial straws. As it turns out, the results couldn’t have been better. Relocating from Kingston, ON, to Toronto in the summer of 2000 allowed the band to concentrate on bringing their vision to a wider audience. After a headlining spot on the legendary El Mocambo stage, Chlorine Dream disappeared from the public eye following Myles’ clandestine elopement to Mexico.

Undaunted, the other three pushed forward, mastering their new instruments, penning an astronomical 70 new songs, and contributing the score to J. Patrik Sulkiewicz’s sci-fi short film “Return to Life”. During this time, the trio would do a secret acoustic showcase or play a quick live set to show that there was still a pulse within the Chlorine Dream camp, but the need for a full-time guitarist lay at the centre of the band’s plans. Enter Francesco Emmanuel, the Trinidadian Troubadour, who has now adopted the lead guitarist spot alongside the often-transient Myles. With a firm live line up in place, Chlorine Dream know the time is now. So please open your ears and your mind to the Dream team’s own brand of aural beauty and chaos.

Chlorine Dream will be playing live throughout Toronto and the rest of Canada. Check local listings.


Mental Weather - Chaos Disorder Recordings (CHD 001) - Dec. 2003

Set List

A typical setlist consists of 10-12 original songs, with half coming from the album Mental Weather and half being newer originals. Song lengths tend to be five minutes or less, with one or two longer 10 minute epics per show. Covers are infrequent, but the band has performed the Velvet Underground's Heroin and Primal Scream's Shoot Speed Kill Light in the last year.