Montréal, Quebec, CAN

CHOCOLAT delivers a unique genre : Rock Elegant. One of the greatest new bands coming out of Montreal, CHOCOLAT makes garage and chanson francaise cross-over in a new album out on GrosseBoite (Dare to Care Records). If Bob Dylan met with Jacques Dutronc, it would not sound better!


CHOCOLAT formed in 2006 of Jimi Hunt's one-mand band extravaganza with Demon's Claws' (In the Red Rds) rythm section and Cockroaches unique guitar playing to make the most surprising Ep of 2007 in Montreal. Grabbing attention of indie stations and exctatic crowds across Quebec and Canada, the Chocolat Ep ranked in the top 10 of Bande-a-Part and many college stations. Their shows got noticed in every event they took part of (NXNE, CMW,Pop Montreal, M for Montreal, FMEAT, etc). From then on, the band started draw comparisons with Dylan's electric era or Dutronc's early years. Chocolat was only getting started!

Now, the studio time is over and Chocolat is sending your way Piano Elegant, his first Full-lenght album on Grosse Boite/Dare to Care (Malajube, We Are Wolves, Tricot Machine, etc). This new effort brings Hunt's songwriting and unique voice to new levels. Check out Chocolat, you'll hear from them and their Rock Elegant.

In 2014, Chocolat are back with a new LP, Tss Tss.


2007 : Chocolat Ep (Dry and Dead)
2008 : Piano Elegant (Dare to Care Rds/Grosse Boîte)

45s :
Split w/ Cocobeurre (Goodbye Boozy Rds/Italy)
Gabrielle (Radio81 Rds)

Set List

The band can play from 15 minutes to over one hour. The set list is comprised of the band's first Ep and of the new album but can include unreleased songs that are ready for the live! Chocolat is good at turning crowds into party!