Chocolate Bread

Chocolate Bread

 Union, New Jersey, USA

Versatile and tasteful. Chocolate Bread is comprised of a tight rhythm section, two sets of keys, tripped out atmospheric lead guitar and even a trumpet, creating the perfect palette for their two lyricists to throw down all sorts of vocal stylings from smooth melodies to straight rhymes.


Chocolate Bread is an experimental/soul group from New Jersey. After being together for only a year, they self-released their debut full length "…Until My Mind Stretches" (available on iTunes) in July 2010. The title of the record embodies the philosophy of their sound and musical bond, always progressing and pushing the boundaries of tastefully blended styles. Musically containing two sets of keys, tripped out atmospheric lead guitar, a tight rhythm section and even a trumpet, they create the perfect palette for their two lyricists to throw down all sorts of vocal stylings from smooth melodies to straight rhymes. Since their inception, the bread has constantly been playing shows in the tri-state area and turning heads with their live performances which are as solid as they are intense. Come out if you want to experience what it's like to get lost in music that actually makes you feel something and move your goddamn feet. Currently, they have released the "catch ciphers ep" for FREE and it can be listened to/downloaded here:


Wet Feet

Written By: Del

Rise in the morning to the brand new sun
feel the fresh air crawl around my tongue
got the widest eyes from gettin' my feet wet;
don't worry baby, didn't lose my head.
Doin' what I can to extend the dream,
ain't tryna fall victim to the number scheme
shit man, no digit's gonna master me
got a place off the map, yeah, that's where I be.

Oh, I'm quite aware of what goes on 'round here.
After all this time...
I ain't gettin' any younger tryna open your eyes.

The ground won't bend where you pound
I got a million visions hittin' up your ears with a sound.
So what's the stronger punch? Which one'll get you drunk?
I got you buzzin' but you know it ain't ever enough.
I don't get down with them gimmick speakers
catch me crawling 'round your town with the deepest creatures
sittin' in New Jerz on the side of the war
I was in it for a minute but slipped out that door...


Written By: Del

It's time you find out where I been, last night I walked toward salvation and drank the water but I didn't feel no different. I'll be changing routines soon, looking for some magic or some mind-bent spoons but I can't get no proof, kid, I need something my hands could grip. So come walk my way, stare the sun straight in the face. I'm climbing up to take it's place, ain't no prayers to hear, just empty space, ow! ow! Thinking over smoke, hands up on them ropes, tryna hang a little bit looser than before, with that sunlight in my eyes I ain't no shadow of an old design, but when it all grows to size, where you gonna hide?

paranoid python

Written By: Del

i want your tongue to kick my teeth we can bathe our skin on any of the lawns we please if you're looking for a feeling then let's cop a bag we can practice our patience with the slowest drags like…i tune my mind to your curves shadows over shoulders blur connected at the lip by melted words while i'm feeling you out and getting lost in the dirt. don't we all just want to grab the sky and feel it cool our palms? then you're gone i fall back in the dust again...and you'll be coming around, pulling me out.

hot sauce (blue cheese)

Written By: Del / Antwan the Don

hot sauce

more often in a dank spot than not, type to have a trick up the sleeve even in a tank top, ride a summer breeze sleep wherever the crank stop, spit so tough it's been known to shank rocks. fiends smoke the pieces, share the wealth enough to max out visas but who needs it? living the dream kid, absolutely wide awake. lots of dudes is kinda fake, get around that rockin' on the swerve like a snake, catch a cipher: feeling great, cop a loosey post the bake and that's a good session. lots of heads going all-in i just rob whoever's betting. content above most they can't even stick their head in on point even when i'm guessing, verbal weapons. not one for interviews but to answer your question…delshine found the end of the night followed a snot line, wasn't any gold but that pots fine, fat dimes, no gat rhymes, elevation in my speech exercising your mind. the holiest of dopey kids drinking that and smoking this, candy flip fall in love with whatever shit crosses his grip, the craziness. he's even pet the visions and still bust flows with the dexter precision. highest of living grown in the dome so flow is never kidding, not a child. stress the point and dope enough to get wild, roll with hot sauce in viles, take a shot or a bump: leave parties in piles. shit don't change you can't project the sun when you're still hanging in the shade that's just a fake tan. everybody's on the cake scam, greed in the batter it's contagious when they shake hands. i got the remedy, walk up in the spot and make the people wanna yell at me just scuffin' their shoes not giving a fuck about appearances, huffing' the blues. life moves, who do you choose to lose? handful of keepers. the vocal sounds fly out the shittiest of speakers, trine spread the sound: big ups to the leakers. pride being honest in a land full of cheaters with politician smiles. you're all filler like the grout between my kitchen tiles.

blue cheese

emotions are reflections of gods, i got 7 body parts that directly correlate with the stars, improving movement planetary shuffle up on my playlist and i blaze shit and i'm kicking that quality imagination. meditation on my third eye never blinded never rewinded i'm flippin' a flow so dope that it's hard to define it. grinding with my chocolate fam until the sun stops shining (and we gon' keep grinding) and if the shit goes out then i'ma spit in the shade i get laid got a 5th and some haze, genius i never slip on the grade A spit i got y'all trippin' for days: acid fantastic, jurassic on my verbal dissections, told y'all motherfuckers i'm keepin' it interesting, my mind remains forever stretching intellect attained via cipher catching (brains) ventricles pumping quite swiftly, my character trait states that no rappers can bang with me, you teddy bear kiddies can't rumble with the grizzly, nope, i'm still floating through the air type frisbee snapping your necks like rice krispies (ohhh lord) you know what the don has in store verbal wars of course i'm kicking the illest realest metaphors, pure raps natural as bacon coming from boars, ass-shaking coming from whores, perspiration coming from pores.

Buddha Man

Written By: Antwan the Don / Del

I watch that moonlight through the screen
it turns your body blue
now I'm entangled in a dream
with somebody who believed in me

I ain't never gonna understand what you feel inside
but life's a little bit short now baby and you know we're just wasting all our time.
Now maybe you should make a friend with Jesus Christ
but if not we got the Buddha in the bag and you know thats right, free your mind

I think it's time you swallow your pride and take a chance with your old man
'cause you don't know when your old buddy Jesus Christ will take him from your hands...

"Last Thoughts of 2009"

Touched what they call gold: felt nothing
Stole the cold right off the metallic surface.
I, connecting worth to the worthless
Where’s your value sitting?
Can’t judge mine on price tags or plastic crap, shit
Everybody wants the world at their fingertips
But never wants to lift more than that.
What happened to days when we made tracks?
Ran through all sorts of miles and maps?
Fuck screens and new jeans, break those limits and feel serene
No digital ruler’s gonna keep me inside the box like my freezer with ice cream.
Wasn’t made to be consumed but to do the consuming,
Catch me floating off the atlas with every single movement.
Brain waves, but not saying hello
Trying to get these hipster cats out of my face and shatter the fucking mold.
“Make shit make sense”
The common kind that’s been hiding in your mind,
You blocked it ‘cuz you’d rather sell it out for a few dimes,
What a poor design.
I got Egyptian Pyramid equation type logic inside,
Keeps me content when I finally rest my head to shut my eyes.


Free Samples (EP) - November 2009
1. No Duermo (Demo)
2. Salvation (Demo)
3. Buddha Man (Live)

...Until My Mind Stretches - July 2010
1. Wet Feet
2. Radical Rattlesnake
3. Salvation
4. Buddha Man
5. No Duermo
6. The Mind Reels
7. Elevate
8. Diagnosis
9. Antwan the Don

catch ciphers ep - August 2011
1. paranoid python
2. freak out
3. vegtabills
4. hot sauce (blue cheese)
5. piff language

Set List

Intro, Wet Feet
The Mind Reels (Interlude)
Paranoid Python
Freak Out
Piff Language
Hot Sauce (Blue Cheese)
Buddha Man
Nature of Paper