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"Chocolate Love Factory – ‘Rat Bag/Texty Texty’ [Single]"

Three tracks of chocolate covered goodness have rolled off the production line of Belfast’s rock factory.

The young three-piece are one of the freshest and original bands to come out of the UK in recent years. There is a hint of progressive rock in amongst their diverse sound, as well as the oeuvre of The Mars Volta.

However, prog-rock is not the only genre that they lean towards. The riff-oriented robot rock of Queens of the Stone Age is also alluded to, especially on the cleverly titled B-side ‘Circadian and Homeostatic Waves’.

Similar to Homme’s collection of misfits, Chocolate Love Factory do not take themselves too seriously, and there is an endearing quality to the tongue-in-cheek track titles of: ‘Rat Bag’ and ‘Texty Texty’.

Their energetic live performances across Belfast’s music scene have captivated audiences, and been met with favourable praise by local music scholars.

Brothers Luke and Rory Donaghy, as well as drummer John Quinn, state that they are currently “up for grabs” on their MySpace page and have: “a desire to bring real music back.”

Rock lovers and record labels, what are you waiting for? It’s about time that you indulged in Belfast’s favourite brand of chocolate. - Chybucca Sounds

"Review - CLF Rat Bag/Texty Texty"

Misleading bandnames – just as Sleigh Bells suggests something more in line with fudgy yuletide logs ala Cliff Richard rather than industrial acid-charged pop, you could be forgiven for expecting Cookstown, Northern Ireland trio Chocolate Love Factory to sound like David Hasselhoff thrusting his soul into a “You Sexy Thing” cover.

Monikers can be deceiving, and luckily the now Belfast-based band’s sound is as devilish as their sense of humour, which if not already suspected is pumped in buckshots into their forthcoming twin-sided single ‘Rat Bag/Texty Texty‘.

CLF call what they do ‘stoner grunge’, a sound with more heritage in the Californian sand-scapes than the NI capital, but with this double single you’d almost never have known. Although rather than the formula of distorted anthems and desert sludge their description suggests, what’s present is a more diluted compound, free of the fatty feedback and brewed for maximum appeal.

Look past that label and there’s a lot to like about Chocolate Love Factory. Rory Donaghy’s vocals stunt-doubling for the heightened drawl of Josh Homme might at times be a throw off, but amidst each full pelt riff riot the similarity subsides and becomes little more than a pet peeve. Queens Of The Stone Age are of course no strangers to drug references, but it needs to be said that ‘Rat Bag‘ sounds like snorting ”Songs For The Deaf‘ in one savage line and rampaging through the streets of Botanic with distortion pedals for shoes. Queens on coke, for the shorter quote.

Rory’s brother Luke supplies jump-cut drum slashing that’s matched every inch of the way with the caustic thuds of John Quinn on bass making for a real monster that packs as much hummable stuff as it does sheer voltage and with backing banshee harmonies and false endings the creativity is anything but lacking within the limits they’ve confined themselves.

It might not be grunge, or stoner rock, but what really is nowadays, and does it have to be either? Chocolate Love Factory are pushing through amongst this new wave of NI noise-makers with the likes of Gascan Ruckus, The Rupture Dogs and Like Statues, and with a bit of luck will be loud enough to be heard when the MTV parade invades in November or even better, drown out the entire choreographed glitz.

‘Rat Bag/Texty Texty‘ will be available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon from March 23rd. The single will be launched in Belfast’s Spring & Airbrake that night with a great local support line-up including Comply or Die and B.O.Y.

For details check out the event page on Facebook, or to listen to more from Chocolate Love Factory visit their Breaking Tunes page.

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"Chocolate Love Factory – Rat Bag/Texty Texty"

First off, let me clear one thing up… They are not edible (but you could compare them to a dirty great big audio churning monster, a fierce and hungry one that inhabits the filth ridden corners of Belfast’s industrial district) and believe me, I’ve tried to munch down on Rory Donaghy before – he was having none of it. He is pure of soul. Solid. Like the snake …did I actually just say that?

Like some sugary treat slowly congealing in the kitchen – left untouched by your mother as she’s unsure of exactly how it’s going to take being peeled off the floor – the Donaghy brothers Luke, Rory and Sir John of Quinn have been creating something of a ripened sound over the last year. Has it really been that long in the making? Now we’re not talking MojoFURY here, or spans of a century spent in the studio before music is realised, slowly sharpened to a point before being set loose on the world…

…but Chocolate Love Factory have been banging away at their cake now for time enough.

LD: “The best thing about working on this over the last year was actually recording rough riffs on a phone.”

…and I do remember some hype about iPhone technology and tracking songs, everyone was at it. Except me of course.

RD: “It’s been mostly fun. Watching our progression has been pretty cool. About a year ago, no one knew who we were, but now, we’ve made a few good contacts within the current generation of big bands in Belfast, and influential people like yourself (ED: I swear he said that and not me). Some of these people are the coolest, nicest people I’ve met in my life, and I met them all because I play music.”

It goes without saying that all of this slaving and any progression made has been rightfully of their own accord; on phones, and in studios across the land (working here with the inimitable Mudd Wallace) so you’d expect it to echo its roots – and by fuck it is from the wrong side of the tracks. You couldn’t have it any other way. Once mum’s finished in the kitchen and hears this banging out of your room you’ll be told off quicker than if she’d caught you with the dog, pants down at your ankles, stupid grimace frozen on your face.


The double helping of sexual power rock that this is opens like something out of a Resident Evil soundtrack (the game, not film here now lads) before the music lands on top of you; and boy does it travel once it starts going. Driving repetitive guitars and rapt drums blast down into your head; and they are big drums. In that familiar American rock style that stands on its own two legs within a song and walks around a bit in the middle.

Then there is that hook. Instantly recognisable, wrought with movement, loved and yet at the same time all too short. I want you to go on forever, but that’s why I’m not a musician. We’ve had some really recognisable songs over the last few years here in Belfast, but perhaps this one’s been overlooked – one of those you know but can’t quite place. Shame if so. Let’s hope it gets given ample opportunity to wander out into enough ears at their single launch down the Spring & Airbrake on the 23rd of this month.

RD: “For the single launch we’ve decided to try and put on our biggest, maddest and hopefully best show to date. We’re all very excited. The line-up’s amazing, now all we need are the spectators!”

Dripping with confidence and style, Rory’s voice brings into the music a crushing sinister delight with every not quite cynical but smart lyric. Each one so distinctly drawn and laden with intent that I’m left leaning to listen and trying to move with the music at the same time (stirred into the mix as it is). It draws you in. It is fun. Genuine, big boys playing here now, fun. Not something I’ve heard locally too often. Say, like a budding LaFaro.

Carrying on from Rat Bag into Texty Texty are some cyclic rhythms and statements that sway softer to the touch. Sticking out is that droning lustre which rings so strongly of early Foo Fighters – not quite as open and melodic, but still strong and full of that ‘wall of energy’ that just nips at the synapses. Think car journeys in mad comedy films from the nineties.

Sunglasses on. Hair flung back as the wind flicks around the convertible, the motorway ripping past the protagonists, partners in crime lolling over the side of their car as the camera pans back.

Movie starts.

Ultimately, this just rocks. No need to complicate it. It opens as rock and it ends as a ‘slightly’ different type of rock. Is that progressive rock?

Good, listen to it.

…and if you’ve somehow managed to snare a date that with that magical feminine creature that happens to have tattoos, sexy dark hair, and likes to move – get her involved. This music has a purpose, and it is her. - Tolling For The Mute

"Live Review... Djevara, Gascan Ruckus, 99 Miles of Bad Road, Chocolate Love Factory"

Openers CLF kick off the evening with their grungy stoner sound - classic rock vox, and distorted, extended melody at the root of what they do. Immediately recalling the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age due to their catchy, playful riffs, new single 'Sex You Can Text' is wonderfully dirty and distorted stompy rock.
However, in case we're lulled in too much by them, they end the set with flying drumsticks and a bass guitar being set bouncing off the floor, ensuring our undivided intention. - BBC Across The Line

"Chocolate Love Factory – ‘Coral Lady’ [Single]"

Steeped in dark, desert grooves, there are times during ‘Coral Lady’ where the young Belfast trio could have easily sprung out of the Rancho De La Luna heartland.

Wasting no time in capitalising on the underground success of March’s ‘Rat Bag/Texty Texty’ single, this lengthy, loose-limbed assault, combines the explosive, out-of-nowhere art-punk of the Mars Volta with the soaring highs of Songs For The Deaf. Yummy. - Chybucca Sounds

"Review: Coral Lady (Single) – Chocolate Love Factory"

Chocolate Love Factory in one way or another have been on the local radar for a while, and maybe haven’t been given the attention they deserve, but disregard them at your peril.

With forthcoming effort Coral Lady, they undoubtedly prove they have the chops to match the most ‘heaviosis’ young blood on the Northern Irish music scene.

The track, instantly reminiscent of early Queens of the Stone Age, pulls back the trigger and erupts, introducing itself with an art-metal, King Crimson inspired guitar riff. As Coral Lady unwinds, the three piece show they have all but the seriousness of the metal genre, and more of the trance like riffs of Fatso Jetson in their stride.

Front man Rory Dee displays a vocal prowess more than your average singer, however it is his blended Cobain and Homme brogue that spill character all over his phrasing. Fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Masters of Reality and Nirvana will surely appreciate this track, and whilst there is still room for improvement with a more refined concise attack needed, these raw and unhinged, desert rockers are as refreshing as a wet-wipe in a portaloo.

Chocolate Love Factory release Coral Lady on Wednesday, June 15th as a free download.

AGP Rating: 8/10 - All Gone Pop


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Acclaimed as "one of the freshest and original bands to come out of the UK in recent years" - ignore the ironic, playful name, Chocolate Love Factory create a deceptively uncompromising sound.

Steeped in dark, desert grooves, they combine the explosive, out-of-nowhere art-punk of the Mars Volta with the soaring highs of Songs For The Deaf.

Encompassing hard rock, stoner rock, grunge, art-punk and a little prog, along with passionate playing and vocals, this band are not to be underestimated!

Their energetic live performances across Belfast’s music scene and beyond have captivated audiences, and been met with favourable praise by local music scholars.