Chocolate Revolution

Chocolate Revolution


We are 3 guy's with a passion for playing music. People of all ages enjoy our music! We would love to share our music/message to the world, & that is to live a Heart-Centered life. Being grateful for everything & everyone in your life, being of service in anyway possible, do what you LOVE, & to eat Raw Chocolate!


The Chocolate Revolution was formed on September 2011 by two childhood friends David Grant & Gabriel Le Blanc. However, the major outside recruitment of Israel Arevalo has been a key factor to the bands growth, catapulting the Chocolate Revolution into a solidified band. Three different artist and a love for music influenced by many styles ultimately created "The Revolution". Whose message is easy & that is to simply live life from a "Heart-Centered" state of mind & to always follow your heart & dreams.

Gabriel's fresh off the grill covered in rock in roll sauce guitar, heavily marinated by Davids unique heart-held raw lyrics and garnished with Israel's perfect blend of soul capturing latin percussions served with a side of Octavio's harmonious maracas is a main course that your ears, heart and mind will love. This California based band has originality written all over them and a creative style which has yet to be seen and heard. There is no basic way to describe or label Chocolate Revolution's music because there are no limitations to their creativity. What can be said is if you like Rock, R&B, Reggae & Latin fusion mixed with an influence of Rap, then we are only scratching the surface when describing the sound of the Chocolate Revolution.