Chocolate Sunshine

Chocolate Sunshine

BandComedySpoken Word

Chocolate Sunshine is a striking beauty her unique look will leave you captivated and aww struck Her beauty is a rarety She also a great spoken word artist and striking as her beauty or her words


Chocolate sunshine has the ability to give voices to the people who cannot speak up on the vivid realities they face. Her poetry will always hit a juggular because it is written from her heart and soul. She pours herself wholeheartedly into her writing and you can hear the depths of her thoughts and expieriences when you listen to her poetry. Born and raised in bridgeport lifes whirlwind of events made the blueprint and material for Raw uncut heartfelt spoken word.

Chocolate Sunshine has an eccentric and alluring look to her. Not your average textbook beauty. She has a very natural and afrocentric look that can be appreciated by people who are tired of the carboncopied industry beauty.

Set List

a bottle of water