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Modus Operandi

Written By: Choirs

Time my dear is whole
But what’s your name my love
I treat love like missed memories
Holding them til’ they grow old

So spring is what your mother called… my new Ritalin doll
Cautions will vary as we slip away
But soon you will find you are loved
So follow me down to our world

Don’t persuade the hand clamped kindly to yours
That’s giving you final directives and cause
This kind of love won’t float down with the ashes
It’s coursing through varicose simile old sought romances…

This is wrong..
But you are mine…
Beg for life like you want something more
And care for life like it’s already gone
Nothing has changed
‘Cause I have arranged
This is your fault
You will not run

Shall we slow dance
Such beautiful porcelain
You were my soft-shelled collected mannequin queen..
Apparently leaving again with my dreams…

You are cold
Did you have to take her…once again?
She scraped her name in the wall
I’m bound for the other world
But she is the pulsing vein
The fabric of love

I pray for, you save her, redact…
‘Cause I have paid for and stayed for the end……

It's Somewhere in the Details

Written By: Choirs

We are a chemical swirl
I’m in debt with you,
I owe, I owe you
Awkward chores for ©opiates

I wanna live in the cold
And wake up making fuck to the world
Facing you then learning over and over….

That you will control demise
Set your demands
(Though) I grab for faith the imagined straw
I am yours you can court me now

Grab a hold
Take control
(Of) Me now...

I’ve set sights on the world
With forethought cloaked in feelings and causism
I am a tourist in the loneliest world
Faking control

I know you more than we would like to admit
Divorcing you for grief for you’re forcing it
But then you look at me wrong in the eyes
Like a perfect world
You drag me up as you pull me south

You are the masking uniform
To bring myself around
So stay for
Stay for, “Ewe”

So I fade in and out of conscious-
Nests breed benevolence so this Tower-
Is falling in through the arms
And force fed shit
They’ve called love

My son turned rot you’re in the wrong
We took your case because we loved you
We didn’t fake a hand
To appease you
Then stroke your face with denial, this isn’t a denial

Recovering you isn’t just about you
We’re be glad to see you open but we’ve closed down
Forcing you for portions since we hold ….you now
begging for answers you control

'Cause you are a miracle
A ventricle
But a shit display

You are the insecure
An arid shore
A living hole

You’ve been denying what you thought were your intentions
Encasing your emotions with deception

So you have learned…. your ways
Prayed for the out
You’ve run…. out of space
Help bare sorrow…that you cause
Command the will, as you fall

It’s been – some long walk home
The taste has long since left me
I crave for a new song
But I still hear him playing along…it feels like...

You’ll be back soon
Go home now
Come home now
Just leave them
Make it back to me