Chokecherry Ranch

Chokecherry Ranch


Damn... people just really dig these songs. The band enjoys the hell outta playin' together, the songs are original, heartfelt and real. good shows.


johnny's from Seattle area, jason and val from the wilds of LA and tim... he might say San Diego, but Pittsburgh's more like it. now there all in albuquerque! how'd THAT happen?

such twists on life's path and faithful encounters are ever-present in their songs. soaked by the rain and the history of revolt from the northwest, these tunes are not sappy love ballads but sober recollections and slightly bitter regailings at the state of the world.

... played by grown ups who like to have it fun.


one ep; "little green room"

Set List

one to two hours, almost all originals (covers vary from X to U2, from Elton John to Willie Nelson... and etc...).