Cholo Valderrama

Cholo Valderrama


Music of the Colombian Llanos. Cholo Valderrama is one of the most beloved voices and songwriters of Music of Colombian Llanos (plains between Colombia and Venuzuela)


Cholo Valderrama was born in Sogamoso, Boyaca (Colombia). He is one of the most recognized singers and songwriters of the Music of the Colombian Llanos (the plains that ly between olobia and Venezuela) . Cholo recorded in 25 years as profesional singer allready 16 records. In 1978 recorded his first song "Quitarresuellos No2" and it was a very successful record. He perfected his style with his studies in West Meinster Choir College of Princeton (New Jersey). He won the Latin Grammy in 2008 in the category of the best folcloric album. Cholo is considered by many of the critics as the stringest voice and one of the best composers in the "Musica llanera" gender. He is acompanied by a 5-tet of excellent musicians.


Caballo (2008)
Bordon Libre
El Llanerazo
Corazón Marcao
Y... Soy Llanero

Set List

El llanerazo
El guate
Criollo sortario
Las alpargatas de Pancha
Patrón vendame el caballo
ojitos de parapara
Mi sombrero