High energy rock and blues that sounds like the MC5 and early chicago complete with horn section (2 trombones and a trumpet).


Rising from the ashes of a burned out van and a burned out band---The Midnight Evils, Jesse "Hot Links" Tomlinson, and Brian Vandewerf (AKA Vandy) decided to "Keep On Chooglin'"…which happens to be the name of their new group. Hailing from Minneapolis, The Evils, were a whomping, stomping, non-stop rocking machine, releasing two records for acclaimed garage rock label, Estrus Records. The band's untamed live show garnered accolades from fans and the press. MPLS' City Pages named them "BEST ROCK BAND" two separate years.

The Midnight Evils toured the US countless times and made a trip to the UK---where they were fortunate enough to record a JOHN PEEL SESSION before his untimely death.

Tomlinson, who played drums in the Midnight Evils, now sings like a bird and picks the guitar. Vandy, continues wailing and strumming. The rhythm section is the shit. The drummer, Shawn Walker, AKA "The Punk Rock Buddy Rich", also of the Fuck Yeahs, is a tornado wrapped in a hurricane. Jeff Johnson, former guitarist of MPLS band, Blame, lays down the driving grooves like Wille Weeks.

Added to all the fun are The Horns Of Eleganza, the 3-piece horn section whom accompanies Chooglin' on many songs, making Chooglin' one of the most unique rock and roll bands around. Their live show has quickly gained notoriety and they have shared the stage with great bands such as The Dirtbombs, The Reigning Sound, The Detroit Cobras, The Soledad Brothers and even Soul Asylum!

The band has just finished recording their debut record with producer/engineer, Dave Gardner (The Hold Steady/Dillinger Four/Melvins, etc.) at the old Blackberry Way studio (Replacements' LET IT BE) in Minneapolis. Look for the band in your town soon…wherever that may be!


Radio air play: The Current 89.5 in studio performance -
songs: "Do It To It" "Shot The Life" "Treat Her Right" - (Roy Head Cover)

Set List

Setlist is generally 45 minutes (about 10 -13 songs) We can play up to an hour or less...

Covers: "Treat Her Right" by Roy Head

So Stupid
Do It-To It
You Sucked The Life Out Of Me
This Demon Life
The Ice Queen
Fast Song
Gone Gone Gone
Baby, Whatcha Going To Do?
Take Mine Down
Treat Her Right (cover)
Hot Links Over The Vacancy
How Low Can You Go, How High Can You Fly?
Wrong Way Blues
You Got Me Howlin'