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Chop Chop's new album, The Spark, tells the story of Carolyn, a 17-year-old Earth girl who is kidnapped by aliens and who must train a band of rebels for an epic battle to save Earth. A beautiful collision of sci-fi and electropop, this album pairs quirky synth-pop jams and melodic ballads.


Outer space.

Can those words ever again elicit the sense of wonder and possibility they did, long ago, during the last century? Because let's face it, in this futuristic world of 2011, space has become humdrum. The final frontier has been pacified, gentrified and Disneyfied. We look up to distant star systems and wonder only if they have a Starbucks yet.

But let's time-travel back a few decades. To a time before we were sharing our iTunes libraries with users in the overcrowded lunar colonies and Facebook-friending the gaseous inhabitants of Jupiter. Space was dark, dangerous, and exciting. It was full of death, drama, and romance. Space, if you can believe it, actually rocked.

With their third album, Spark, Chop Chop returns to the days when space was the setting for many an epic adventure or romance, and celebrated in a wonderful genre of literature and film called science fiction. Featuring 9 new tracks, The Spark tells the story of Carolyn, a 17-year-old Earth girl who is kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a devious shapeshifter. Forced to undergo cruel experiments which eventually turn her cyborg, Carolyn is rescued by a star captain with royal ties, and the two fall in love. Using enhanced intellect and new cyborg powers, Carolyn must then train a band of rebels for an epic battle to save Earth.

The Spark was produced and recorded by Chop Chop in Los Angeles. The album was mixed by Charles Newman, who has worked with Magnetic Fields, AM, Soko, Gospel Music, and Black Kids.

About Chop Chop
Chop Chop is composed of Catherine Cavanagh and some space dust of an unknown extraterrestrial origin (Jason Tajima and others). Chop Chop has been featured on NPR's "Survey of Women in Music" and "Second Stage." Two of their songs (and a band poster!) have been featured on the CBS comedy series How I Met Your Mother.

What some other people have said about Chop Chop:

"The Spark is space opera for people who love space but hate opera. A beautiful collision of sci-fi and electropop, Chop Chop rocks like an asteroid belt." - Brian K. Vaughan, Y: The Last Man, Lost

"'Bloodbath,' the opening track on the debut from Boston's own Chop Chop, is enough to make you love the whole record." - Boston Weekly Dig

"... her first album demonstrates her wide range of musical ability" - Northeast Performer Magazine

"...cute but creepy..." - Giant Robot

"...melodic, quirky, and highly likeable..." - Popmatters

"The music shifts from Liz Phair/Mary Timony-styled acoustic ballads and minor-key rockers to more digital, synth-pop musings. The reworking of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is a highlight."
- Charleston City Paper

Fun Facts:

Front Cover of the Boston Phoenix Music Section; touring across the United States including the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest and South; Germany tour; Music and Posters and Websites for "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS; NPR's "Survey of Women in Music" and "Second Stage"; Gem Author on Guitar Hero Rock the 80s.



Written By: Chop Chop


I really don’t know how to answer your questions.
“I’ve been thinking about you. How are you doing these days?”
I’m just trying to laugh the blushes away.

I really just want to protect you.
Let my feelings stay at bay
But the tables they keep turning your way.

Maybe this will have a happy ending
If I stay strong
And you and I will still be best friends.

Do be do be do be

I still don’t know how to answer your questions.
When you ask me to stay,
When you ask me to stay,
I just wanna play, (stay) play (stay) play (stay)


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Set List

We typically play 30- 45 minute sets. We play 9-10 songs from the albums and perhaps one or two covers