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Choppy Chope Sound

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This sound is a fusion of all types of raw music, from Beethoven to B.B.King. I would say that I have brought back the REAL hip hop to the surface. Im basiclly here to make a change in music and to take it to that next level of REAL hip hop.


Choppy Chop-e Sound (a.k.a. Dayjahvu)
b. Damyon F. Richardson, 30 August 1976, Washington,D.C.,USA. Growing up in Maryland and New York, Damyon was influenced by many different knids of music. He started writing his own rhymes at the age of 13, and when he was 14, he started making his own beats using just cassette tapes. In 1991, his group "The S.U.K's"was formed with fellow M.C.'s L.B. and Black Raven. The group's unique talent was recognized quickly in the underground Hip-Hop community, as they started opening up for artist such as, The Lost Boyz, Wu-Tang, Redman& Method Man, Keith Murray, A-Z, Rakim and Jay-Z. In 1996, they joined A Tribe called quest, Foxy Brown and DJ J-Black on a tour of the east coast. In 1997, the group for Group Home and Cellar Dwellars. They also won the "MADD Rcords" talent contest at the Washington D.C. Convention Center. In 2000, Damyonstarted focusing more of his attention on producing. He was named champion of Alpha Beats "Battle of the Beats" competition in 2003. He has produced over 50 songs for local artists in the D.C. metro area, such as Adversary, Buck, Doug 53, I.Q. and Y.U. of the Remainz, Rugged soulz, Prophet Syndicte, Ill Frequency, Hall of Fame, Mr. Yuk, S.M.S., Diamond mines, Tislam the Great, Black Raven, J-Sol and Monk-The Mayor of MO.CO. In addition, he has also produced tracks for, Insane of Mizery (Brooklyn,NY), Bamm Savage(Boston MA), Kali Wlof (Boston MA), K-Rhyme(VA), and Chrisa (Obeck City, Germany). Damyon is known for his unique talent of taking sounds and "chopping" them to sound like something completely different, which is where the name "Choppy Chop-e" came from. Unlike many producers, his sounds are mainly played using various instruments instead of just computer factory samples and sounds. Each track that he makes is so different from the others; this is why he appeals to so many different genres of muisc. In 2005, he realeased "Bamboo's Resurrection," a compilation of different tracks performed by the S.U.K's, Troy Knight, Mr. Yuk, S.M.S, Hall of Fame, Diamond Mines, J-Sol, Mercury Waters, Abdullah Mohammed and Bamm Savage.


"L.B-Day, Dont Play" (1995), "Little Black Raven Day" (1997), S.U.K. "Official" (2001), Mercury Waters (Neblina 2004), Princess of Contreversy (Backbone 2004), Bamboo's Ressurrection (2005), Priest da Nomad (SPP Waxworks 2005)

Set List

Most of the time we configure our show to meet hte crowd and the scene. I usually I do a five to six song set. If I do a joint show with my artist we do a 30 to 45 minute set going back and forth through our material. We dont do covers, all our shows are our original music. Weve also done show with a band to give it that live feel. We dont have a set band that we work with but willing to work with anyone.