Jacksonville, Florida, USA
BandHip Hop

My music is a blast of energy skillfully constructed over whatever the track calls for. With a dash of passion, there is nothing too heavy or too light of a topic to carry on raps about and no ear that wont attest to that.


Chop, a southern girl, from where palm trees grow and folks speak slow. This Jacksonville, Florida native keeps a day job as a teacher and moonlights as an emcee, speaking passionately on all things. Over melodic and bombastic tunes, she can be heard rapping about the pressing issues of the present moment, and challenging the status quo. In simple form this complex artist makes apples into applesauce, keeping it authentically tasty.

In asking Chop what is the driving force behind her music--the answer is--LOVE. “I love people and I love sounds, so I figured if I combined the two and became a human instrument, I would have a winner.”

Although this young artist has just appeared on the performance scene, within the last year, she has shared the stage and appeared on projects with such artists as Blu and Exile, Tanya Morgan, Stacey Epps, M1 of Dead Prez, Wu-Tang, Medusa, and Planet Asia, Geechi Suede of Camp Lo, and Shafiq of SA-RA. Currently she is collaborating with several artists on projects of their own and is planning the release of BANG, the mixtape, and TOO MORROW, an EP.


NO YORK BLU Annie Hall f. Chop

The Offering ALIVE & WELL Seek & Find f. Chop

Open BLU Part Time Suckas f. Chop

Summertime BATSAUCE Summatime Summatime f. Chop

Southern Scramble Dos DILLON America f. Chop