The concept was to be a musical exchange between Brazil and Holland. 5 seasoned musicians from diverse backgrounds, ready for adventure, joined forces to create an eclectic mix of instrumental styles, drawing from world, jazz, Brazilian and improvised music.


The Choramundo project is an initiative of the guitar-players Joeri de Graaf and Nelson Latif. They brought together a group of musicians origination from the Dutch jazz-scene. This new generation is strongly influenced by the multi-ethnical aspects of todays society. All of the participating musicians have their own speciality, bringing the project an unique mixture of styles.

At 2006, CHORAMUNDO has been invited for the Brazilian Plataforma Brasil-Holanda to give a series of concerts and workshops. Together with the Ben Herman Quartet and the Mike del Ferro trio we visited Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Algere, Olinda and Recife. We played concerts alone and together with some of Brazil's finest artists, gave clinics about their music on conservatories and did interviews and live appearances on radio and TV.

The collaboration was very fruitful, and after the first tour we were all enthusiastic to further develop our unique sound. Our first CD release, titled CHORAMUNDO, marks the first anniversary of our group. The album was recorded live in the studio with engineer Angelo Rasmijn over one weekend and features 7 compositions, most of which were written especially for this release.

Nelson Latif was raised in the lively music-scene of the 80s in Sao Paulo. He is specialized in jazz and choromusic. In his phrasing one will strongly recognize the influence from jazz music but in his rhythmical abilities and his virtuosic playing there are many characteristics of Brazilian Choro music. He is a master on both the acoustic guitar as on the cavaquinho.

Praful is a sax&flute player, charismatic performer and pioneer in the world music community. Embracing a rich variety of cultures (Jazz, Brazil, India, Mantra, Dance), Praful’s style distills the essence of diverse musical forms. He was trained at the Amsterdam Conservatory and has released 4 solo albums with great international success, including US-Billboard Charts and US-radio hits. He has also collaborated with Bayuba Cante, Homenagem A Tom Jobim (w. Armandinho, Rob. Silva), Armando Peraza, Gerardo Rosales, Electro Coco, Lilian Vieira, DJ Maestro, Dave Koz and many more. With Project 2000 he won the Dutch Heineken Crossover Award.

Joeri de Graaf , guitar player of a new generation of Dutch musicians, obtained his education both in Europe and in Brazil. His playing is influenced by jazz, Latin and classical music. His craftsmanship on both the electric and the acoustic 8-string guitar gives great possibilities to Choramundo´s arrangements and the variety in sound.

Pablo Nahar was born in Paramaribo, Suriname. While living in New York he studied composing & arranging with Frank Foster. He is the co-founder of the legendary Surinam Music Ensemble with whom he was a pioneer at creating the so-called Paramaribop. He played and toured with numerous artist and groups and currently leads his own Latin jazz band 4Sure.

Olaf Keus was born in Amsterdam, Holland. He started playing percussion and drums at an early age. He spent six years with the late saxophonist and singer Rosa King; they recorded 3 albums and toured the world several times. The huge variety of rhythms that he offers is the base of the groove and swing of Choramundo. Olaf also performed with Diana Miranda, Macleim, Ramon Valle, Nippy Noya, Deborah Carter and Michelle David.


2005, Choro, Samba e Afins.
2007, Choramundo.

Set List

2 sets x 45 min or 1 set 1 hrs. 15 min .
original music, improvisations.