Our sound is very unique. It can best be described as gospel music with a somewhat "Motown" R&B twist. The harmony is smooth and consists of heartfelt testimonies with ballads that capture the attention of the audience.


Our ministry was organized in September of 2008. After years of traveling and performing with other artists, the decision was made to start anew and incorporate some of our own material with the material of some of our favorite artists. Our goal and our vision is very simple. We want to allow GOD to use us in every way possible. Our desire is to be a blessing to each and every person that we are blessed to meet along the way.

Chosen is available to churches and to any organization or individual that requests our services to lift up the name JESUS. We say so often that " we sing", But we are more than just singers. We are a ministry and we are not limited to just singing. We want to make sure that through GOD, we leave a lasting positive impression on lives everywhere that we go.

As we travel up and down the highways so many people ask us how we make it all work. We will start the only way we know how. We'll be almost brutally honest here. We had to come to the realization that this ministry isn't ours at all. First, it belongs to GOD. After numerous struggles and disappointments along the way we learned that each and every one of us is just as important as the next. There can, and never will be any big "I's" and little "U's". We are a family. We may not all have the same physical bloodline. But spiritually, we are joined like no other group in history. Yes we have our differences like most "families" do. But at the end of the day we know that we can depend on each other when the going gets tough as well as in those times when we just need a shoulder to lean on. Maybe you were expecting to read some politically correct statement that said all the right things and gave all the easy answers. We apologize for the disappointment. If you noticed, this page is entitled "About Us". So, we want you to know who we really are. We sing because it's what we enjoy. But, it's not who we are. We are sinners that GOD took the time to save by his wonderful grace. It's not about the fame or fortune.

Our desire is not to be influenced by others but to be a lasting positive influence on society. Yes, we realize that we are a little different and that's fine. We only have one chance to do this the right way. We have been given an opportunity. Several of us have traveled professionally and have seen how this should NOT be done. We represent GOD in what we do. With that being said, we are far from perfect. We fall short daily. Our prayer is that when we fall that instead of someone talking about us and saying that we fell, just pray that we get up, dust ourselves off and continue doing what we have been set apart to do. We love each and every one of you. Keep us in your prayers and we promise to do the same for you.


2009 DEBUT "Live in Lynchburg" - CD
2010 "The Experience" - CD
2010 "Our Best To You" - DVD
2011 "Don't You Want To Go?" - CD
2012 "Give Me The Strength" - CD
Live at Mt. Airy First Pentecostal Church
2012 "Give Me The Strength" - DVD
Live at Mt. Airy First Pentecostal Church

Set List

Our sets will vary and can be modified to last from as little as 15 minutes to as long as 90 minutes. This is determined by the requirements of the promoter.