Chosen Fate

Chosen Fate


New, yet very experienced, St. Louis local band with upbeat grooves, reggae beats, and rockin' jams.


Coming from the Southside of St. Louis City, and forming in late 2003, Chosen Fate entered the local music scene, working their way up to become a well etablished and experienced cover band, playing in some of St. Louis' hottest cover bars and venues. As a very young group (in a kinda old, experienced, and competitive business), they played shows with rockin' local, regional, and even national acts, such as: Wishbone Ash, Zak Perry, Evolution, Joe Dirt and the Dirty Boys, and many others. They were also the Tuesday night house band at the St. Louis House of Rock from November '04 through December '05. After being a successful cover band for over two years, They have decided to pursue our original music.
From the years of experience of playing together, Chosen Fate has created a very unique and distinct sound derived from a blend of reggae, rock, punk, and jam band influences combined with our own creative touch.
They recently finished recording a demo at Above the Dogs Recording Studio in South St. Louis.


Captain Jack

Written By: Brett Voss

a legend goes unspoken 'bout a man that stalks the ocean in the night, moonlight
in the waters of the el caribbe you’ll find the things you don’t believe, so i, i try
so drink your rum, sailor, drink it down.
cause when when the sun starts setting in the western sky,
you better set your sails and fly high

it doesn’t matter just stay out of the water
relax, cover your tracks
in the darkest night he’ll come up behind you
he'll steal what’s inside you
so watch your back for ole’ captain jack

his eyes like great fireballs, deep pools of ruby red
peg leg on the deck, bandana on his head
you can feel his evil spirit, read his evil mind,
but where his shit is lost and buried, he’ll never ever find
he’ll keep on looking, he’ll never stop
but he ain’t no jolly roger cause his X don't mark the spot

oh hey now my el capitán, why don’t you let me go?
oh whoa hey now el capitán, please don’t steal my soul

the once calm waters rising high
no chance for you as watch the sails flying in the sky
flying rain
ripplin water
hurricane winds
just a little farther
mast is creaking
sails got no slack
ship is sinking
but whats the story ole’ captain jack?

Set Us Free

Written By: Brett Voss

eyes glowing, vibes flowing
lightning in my mind
its simple, i’m not the same
i’ve never felt more alive
i see the light, open sight
i understand my life
i wonder why i’ve been so blind with all the things i feel inside

catch the light now, open up your eyes
catch the light now, open up your eyes
catch the light now, so you catch what keeps it goin' here almost every time
catch the light now, open up your eyes
catch the light now, open up your eyes
catch the light now, but you won’t see me tonight
going sky high, waiting for my mind
for the last time, taking what is mine

all my questions have been answered i’ve been asking all my life
so i realized all that i had to do was look in your eyes

to see:
all my thoughts, all my dreams
good and bad memories
all the things i can see that make my life worth living
drank it down, smoked it up
it was never enough
life’s a game everyday
do you wanna play?
you will win, you will lose
you will do as you choose
all alone can’t be done
you don’t have to run
so take a chance, walk with me
in the end you will see
what set us free

Set List

Set list varies from show to show, usually lasting about 45-60 min. per set.

Captain Jack
The Pines
Carpe Diem
Southside Tango
Set Us Free
Under The Blacklight
Life Goes On
Wasted Wednesday
Eerie Love

Huge amount of covers ranging from rock, reggae, classic rock, and many others.