In just 5 years, Chosen X has released 3 EP's, and their first full-length album, entitled "For the Times You Feel Dead or Alive". Currently Chosen X is working on writing and recording their next EP due to be out some time at the end of 2005 or the beginning of 2006.


Chosen X was formed late 1999 as something for the original members to do for fun on the weekends after church. As time went on it became more evident that this was not just going to be a weekend thing. The band played their first show in June of 2000 and over the next year recorded two EPs independently. They played at many shows locally before they grabbed the attention of Circle Productions in late 2001. The next year they recorded their EP with Circle Productions, entitled "The Moment Is Gone". That summer they toured the country for a month playing multiple venues and festivals. All during the rest of the year they played many local shows with local bands as well as some touring bands. The year 2003, however, would prove to be the busiest year for Chosen X. They were in the process of writing music for their first full length album when Circle Productions dissolved in mid-2003. Unfazed by this turn of events, Chosen X decided to move on independently again. They continued to write music and play shows in the local scene with such bands as Copeland, The Rocket Summer, Denison Marrs, Anberlin, Justifide, Celebrity, Pillar, Philmore, and many others. On March 23, 2004, the band released their first full-length album, "For the Times You Feel Dead or Alive."

Currently Chosen X is working on new material and playing many more shows in the South Florida local scene. The band hopes to record and release a new EP early to mid-2005, with a tour hopefully to follow.


My Unforgiving Self

Written By: Chosen X

Sleepless nights tormented by
The past mistakes I’ve made
Lord, you have forgiven me
But these things won’t go away
I’ve repented, I’ve confessed,
Now why can’t I escape
God, I need you, help me drive
The memories from my brain

The facade breaks
These past mistakes are haunting me
Nowhere to run
The things I’ve done keep taunting me
God, if you still hear me
I need your help
You’ve forgiven me
But I can’t forgive myself

Trapped inside this isolated
World in which I dwell
I am the jailkeeper
Of my own spiritual cell
Got to get out, got to break free
From this mental hell
I am my worst enemy
My unforgiving self

Losing my mind
Running out of time
To myself I’m
Just so unkind
All my past sins
Are forgiven
Except in my mind
Where they have been
Staying, tormenting,
Haunting, and taunting me

Light a Fire

Written By: Chosen X

We describe ourselves
The way we see in mirrors
Just an identity crisis
An outer facade uneasily broken
We hide the true being
The innermost part that wants to shine
Break down walls inside
Find new meaning and hope to live by

Light a fire inside your heart
Find your hope inside and open that door
Why do you hide yourself away
Life is dragging you further into misery

It’s harder and harder
The feeling of suffocation
Have you had enough
Quit destroying yourself inside and out
What does it feel like
To wait for nothing to happen
Open your eyes and see
Find the meaning which keeps evading you

A Few More Days

Written By: Chosen X

Well it’s only been twelve hours
Since I last saw you
Yet my heart is already longing
For your embrace
And this sickness is something
That I can’t shake
And I don’t want to shake it

Cause I’m caught up in your eyes
Your smile pierces my soul
My pulse races to your heartbeat
And I’m under your spell

This can’t be real
Cause my dreams never live up
To my expectations
Yet somehow you’re here with me
And if it was any clearer
I would grab and hold on
To the image of you forever

Now reality sets in
And I know you’ll be waiting for me
And I know God’ll help me survive
A few more days
Without you til we meet again

More to Life Than You

Written By: Chosen X

You’ve got me running
In the wrong direction
With all the times
You’ve brought me down
Is there no end
To this winding road
This web of lies
And deceit you’ve sewn

The damage is done
Leave me be
Alone is bliss
Now I see

And I still remember
The painful words you said to me
I swear that it’s not you
I promise it’s just me
Remind me when this became
All about you
There’s more to life than you
There’s more to life than you

You’ve got me thinking
All the wrong thoughts
With all those endless nights
Wasted with you
Can there be no answer
To this never-ending question
Was it worth the anguish
And heartache to see you one last time

I said it before


Written By: Chosen X

Under pressure
And ready to break
Lives crashing down in chaos
Everyone surrounding me
Is this what our lives
Are meant to be
Knowing all that we’ve been through
Makes us stronger

And we can get through this together
If we just hold on to each other

And we’ll sing this song
Of declaration
And the strength to carry on
Will come from above, from above

Can we unite
Under one God
Like our pledge clearly declares
And rid ourselves
Of hopelessness and oppression
This land has seen for too long
We must fight
And stay strong

Note on a Wall

Written By: Chosen X

Here I am, an eighteen year old kid with no reason to live
Gun in hand, a note tacked to the wall
Captain of the team, I was Mr. Popularity
None of it’s worth anything at all
There’s an emptiness inside that echoes from the space that’s in between
Nothing I can do to fill the hole
Sex, drugs, and alcohol, the highs only last for a little while
How is it that I have a soul

Still there must be something more
Still there must be something more
Something, a reason, a reason for life

I had it all, I was the king, I had control of everything
Money, the girls, the looks, the smile
Life was full of meaningless despair, there was no hope seen anywhere
I constantly lived in denial
The church I went to was a place to go and sing some stupid hymns
It was a pointless ritual
Everyone’s hypocrisy is another reason I don’t understand
And now they’ll have to say goodbye

There’s a Bible on the shelf, I’ll read it one more time
Just some closure with a faith I never had
Is this the truth I’ve never known, is it really true I have a hope
I never realized this before

Now I know there’s something more
Now I know there's something more
That something is Someone, the reason for life
Jesus is the something more
Jesus makes it so much more
He is the reason, the reason for life
The reason for life


For the Times You Feel Dead or Alive (released March 23, 2004)
01. The Arraignment
02. My Unforgiving Self
03. New Direction
04. More to Life Than You
05. A Few More Days
06. Declaration
07. Unborn Cry
08. No Word Can Say
09. Lost in Change
10. Light a Fire
11. Note On a Wall

produced by Chosen X and Marty Mets
recorded, mixed, and mastered by Marty Mets

The Moment Is Gone EP (released June 25, 2002)
01. Unborn Cry
02. Jeremy (King for a Day)
03. Note On a Wall
04. More Than Motivation
05. Feel Alright

produced by Phil Porto and Cody Stapleton
executive producer: Isaac Alexander
recorded, mixed, and mastered by Marty Mets

The Spectrum EP (released July 17, 2001)
01. Plan to Break My Heart
02. Superstar Girlfriend
03. High Tide
04. Regrets
05. Unborn Cry

produced by Chosen X
recorded and mixed by Chosen X

The Loud EP (released August 15, 2000)
01. Loud
02. Regrets
03. Reason
04. Their Plea
05. Chosen X

produced by Chosen X
recorded and mixed by Chosen X and Jeremy Ruggles

Set List

01. The Arraignment
02. My Unforgiving Self
03. New Direction
04. More to Life Than You
05. A Few More Days
06. Declaration
07. Unborn Cry
08. Feel Alright
09. Jeremy
10. Light a Fire
11. Note On a Wall

Our set can last anywhere from 30 mintues to 1 hour