Min. Chosse-Son

Min. Chosse-Son

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The music is inspired by The Holy Ghost and it's Truly Ministry. It's also very educational, insperational, and I do believe who ever listens to it will be very pleased with it. Thanks and God Bless.


My name is Min. Chosse-Son which means that i am a chosen son of God to spread the Gospel through any doors or avenews that He opens in my life. My influences are first and for most The Holy Spirit, My older brother ( Robert Snow), Terry Briggs, Jadda Kiss, and Jay Z. All have great buissness minds and also all of them have great delivery when it comes to connecting with people on all levels, not just their music. I would say the only thing that sets me apart is also the only reason im still hear and that is My Relationship with Christ, knowing that im walking in my calling just brings me joy day in and day out. My story is that im a sinner saved by grace and now im striving everyday to be more Christ like. My message is Get Saved or Fry 4 Real!!! Ephesians ch. 6 all day!!


From 2004-Current I have released Street Savers Vol. 1 & 2, Gods Army Soliders 4 Christ, More Than Music, Taking The World and Cleaning It Up, The Beggining, F & F vol. 1, and The Truth.

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I always pray and ask God to lead me as for the songs the only one I minister every time is "66 Books". I usualy record a song based around the theme of the event that I am ministering at. Normaly my covers start at 300 hundred and go up based on travel exspences.