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Choose is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as to determine or to decide. Choszen was determined that he would be different from the popular culture or thoughts of the artist of his time. He would give his listeners substance, challenge their thinking and expose them to parallels between real life and everyday politics. With this determination, he decided to do things differently. Every thought and every message in his music is carefully chosen.

Choszen first gained exposure to Austin’s hip-hop scene in 2003 when “Club Too Crowded,” a collaborative single with another rap artist known as Full-Blown, was featured on 88.7 KAZI. He would return with Full-Blown in September of 2004 to release the EP, “Under-Estimated.” The singles, “Club Too Crowded” and “Get On The Dance Floor” would receive airplay from both 88.7 KAZI and 91.7 CO-OP. Choszen has since performed at various clubs and after releasing three underground mixtapes, he participated in a university showcase at Prairie View A&M University in 2007 hosted by the Students In Free Enterprise. Choszen would go on to perform at the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 44th Annual District Convention in Houston, Texas during the Miss Black & Gold Showcase in February of 2008.

In order to maintain ownership of his music and further promote his artistry, he established Sixth Street Music, LLC, an independent record company. In late 2007, a mixtape compilation called “My Resume,” would announce the formation of Sixth Street Music and Choszen’s upcoming debut album, “Welcome To The Greene Party.” The compilation was simultaneously released with the “So Much Paper/Crown ‘N’ Coke” CD. Music videos for “So Much Paper” and “Balling, Like I’m 23” were shot and would later debut on YouTube.


"So Much Paper"

Written By: Choszen

I came to handle big business,
Keep paper like Guinness,
Got my paper working out,
Stretching for me like fitness.
I'm chopping trees down,
I got so much paper,
I'm chopping tress down,
I got so much paper.

Follow me and make some paper,
I stay on faces like a razor,
Hit me later on the RAZR,
You got plans fo' mo' paper.
All I know is folding paper,
Like I'm making airplanes,
Like I'm making footballs,
Just to play in the game.
Got some paper from the game,
They holding on to my name,
CDs playing, self-explained,
Autographed with my name.
I'm still moving underground,
Like I'm Harriet Tubman,
And I refuse to give up this seat,
That I'm Rosa Park-ed in.
The desk of a CEO,
With a blueprint to get mo' dough,
Wanting handprints of mo' dough,
Wanting greenprints of mo' growth.
I have a dream like Dr. King,
So listen closely to my speech,
Green-Phi-Green owning things,
Owning things in my name.
I don't need a co-signer,
I sign my name on the line,
I keep my paper all in line,
This green this all is mine.
Courtesy of my grind,
Courtesy of working overtime.

©2007 Sixth Street Music, LLC


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