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Welcome to the Greene Party revolves around money, parties and politics and incorporates political themes, terminology and nonpartisan views in showing the parallels between everyday life and politics. In opening the album, Choszen's money-talking alter-ego is introduced as his "running mate".


Determined that he would be different from the popular culture or thoughts of the artist of his time, up-and-coming hip-hop artist Choszen has prepared to present himself as a worthy third party candidate during his historic presidential campaign with his debut album, Welcome to the Greene Party.

Choszen would give his listeners substance, challenge their thinking and expose them to the parallels between real life and everyday politics. With his life always surrounded by money, parties and politics, having earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science with a minor in communication studies partnered with his real life experiences, he was determined to incorporate political terminology, nonpartisan views and ideology in showing people how life looked through his eyes. “My goal in recording the album was to give my listeners some “fun political hip-hop party music with substance” without any particular type of partisan politics. Welcome to the Greene Party is just that.”


Welcome to the Greene Party
Released: November 1, 2008

1.) Jack Crown & Bob Uppindown (Skit) / My Running Mate
2.) Something Like A Politician
3.) Greene Party Politics
4.) Sixth Street
5.) Hey Bob (Skit)
6.) It's What You Say
7.) So Much Paper
8.) Throwing Georges In The Sky
9.) Balling Like I'm 23
10.) Good Times & Hard Times

Set List

1. My Running Mate
2. Balling, Like I'm 23
3. Sixth Street
4. So Much Paper
5. Throwing Georges in the Sky

Set Duration: 10-15 minutes.