We are Chotokoeu, a band from Galicia (Spain) and we'd like to introduce you to our world.

We dare to mix styles as different as Reggae, Ska, Latin Rumba, Folk or the craziest D'n'B & Dubstep, which can only lead to one thing...FIESTA!

Our shows range from concerts at large venues or festivals to parades and acoustic performances, meaning that we can play at almost any kind of arrangement.


We like fresh music, in the morning, at lunch and all night long until morning.

That's why we are not closed to any style of music, trying to make people always enjoy and spend a really good time with us, whatever the place or time is, we make it special.

Our music mixes several styles starting from Latin Rumba, Reggae, Ska, or the craziest Drum & Bass and Dubstep.
Besides the music, we also introduce theatrical moments with juggling that makes nobody get bored.

We offer different alternative shows, depending on the kind of event (street co


Festa e Carallada.

(Currently recording new album)