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"Chowabchichi" CHOWALSKI 2008



The world resounds with blazing symphonies, from those who ride on the storm, from smoke on the water, from engines that wheeze, or from those who expire on the cross-piece of the passion. But still we can dig a new furrow……

As he felt the dread fall of finger on cartilage, his eyes snapped open and his brother Gregorij jolted into his field of vision, whom he had untimely torn from the fetid floor of his under nose aperture and left him stinking of roasted iron and the reconstituted detritus of the desert. And suddenly filial thoughts coursed across his synapses and the whole tribe was immediately recalled: Michail, Martinov, Pjotr…..

These warriors connected by blood (though the tender wellspring differed) were scattered from north to south, east to west across the whole of the occidental continent until in a game of chance the iron of the alloy (who drew power from the sun in the lowlands) had his corporeal being snatched away by hot lead.

Stood around their fathers gaping funereal crevasse they swore an oath, to avenge his mortal remains and to repay ten fold like with like.

But fortune's mouth was downward turning, every conduit had cooled to ice, only two things knew they, the object of their bloody cravings was marked by the tattooists art upon the hand that had committed the heinous act and he plied his trade by producing music. They held a congress and it was decided that they should forsake their martial tools for instruments of sound, take their desire, their passion and talent around the world, maybe their music would attract followers, maybe a legion of the adoring would flock to hear many covered in the artists ink…..

And since that fateful day many pierced girlfriends have waited in vain for their love to come home, many mothers have looked into the middle distance distracted, deaf to everything but the voice of their sons.
Corpse piled upon corpse, blood stream flowed into blood river and their course was made plain: this heptangle of brothers and comrades in vengeance must conceal their identities and shroud their musical endeavors in a mantle of a different colour.