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"Chozen's Performance for Haiti"

"Chozen commands the stage! Not seen in a lot of Holy Hip Hop artist. " - Robert"Praiseman"Washington

"High Expectations for Chozen"

High Expectations for Chozen

When asked to write a review on the musical group Chozen, I must admit there is extreme pressure to be a tad biased. You see, they might actually read what I have to say. Which road will I choose? Fortunately for my conscience, Chozen made my choice easy. Their debut album, Who Woulda Knew, is filled with fun hip-hop beats, smooth R&B ballads and convicting lyrics all mastered and produced in a relevant way to today’s generation. It is clear that the Holy Spirit has guided the group’s musical creativity with their first album, and I can only expect the same much anticipated excellence from their second effort.

Not only is Chozen’s recorded work impressive, but they made a huge impact on the Houston community as a featured guest at the 2nd Annual Worshipalooza event for Church of Champions. Hearts of all ages were stirred as the group opened with authoritative and anointed prayer, preparing the atmosphere for brokenness and celebration. “It was so awesome to be around so many youth and watch the Spirit of the Lord work,” one group member humbly expressed while reflecting on the experience of ministering to hundreds. The audience was filled with overwhelming excitement throughout the group’s performance, and left the event eager for another session of Chozen’s signature G2-Step.

Only God knows what is in store for Chozen, however my only prayer and expectation is that they continue to share their heartfelt and life changing testimonies through their music. Many are called, but few are “Chozen.”

By: Holly Dacke of Houston, TX
Date: 3/4/2010
- Holly Drake / Church of Champions Gazette


Singles: G2Step(top down load from HHH Volume 6) Knockin Down Walls (march 1, 2010 release)
LP-Who Woulda Knew -2008




So the last will be first, and the first last, for many be called, but few Chosen. Matt. 20:16
Those are the words that defines the Christian Hip Hop Trio CHOZEN. This is what is spoken, taught, and conveyed in there ministry.
Chozen is a trio of young adults whose music has blessed many youths, teens, and young adults nation wide. Residing in Houston, Texas, these three have been using there gift for the Kingdom for the last 6 yrs.
Chozen has shared the stage with gospel heavy weights such as Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Tye Tribbett, Spensha Baker, Dietrick Hadden, Canton Jones, and has appeared on Bobby Jones Gospel. The group has recently been added as one of the opening acts for SONICFLOOD on the CALL2FALL tour schedule for early 2010. People have compared Chozen to many gospel and secular groups giving them the nickname “ The Gospel Fugees”, and most recently “ The Christain Black Eyed Peas” Chozen has entertained and blessed many crowds with there 1st hit single “G2Step”. The Gospel 2 Step or “G2Step” for short, gives the audience instructions in the hook of the song. The single was featured on EMI’s release Holy Hip Hop Volume 6: Taking it to the streets. G2Step is the most downloaded song from the LP. The song allows the audience to dance and praise like David did for God. Chozen members are Joshua ”Blu-J”Lemmons , Markus”Swiff Note” Johnson, and Brittany Reece. The group started with only two members Markus and Joshua. The two met in highschool and discovered they both had a love for hiphop. They decided to form a rap group called “The Chosen Few”. Although the group had what they thought was success , there soul was still yearning for more, but they couldn’t put there finger on just what. One Sunday while attending church service, both Joshua and Markus felt the Holy Spirit move within them. Markus even said, ” I could hear God say, use you gift in my name and for my glory and I will for fill the needs of your heart.” From that moment on the secular group had become soldiers in the Lords Army, making songs to reflect God’s love and promises.
One day while performing in Galveston, Texas , they heard a group of young ladies sing who had open up for them. The lead singer was a 15 yr old girl who could sing like an angel. She brought the whole crowd to there feet. The guys where shocked, they had known the young lady 5yrs prior, but had no idea she had a gift that was so strong. That young lady was Brittany Reece, a member at the same church the guys attended. Brittany was quiet and shy, however on the stage she is a natural performer. She begin singing at the age of 5 in church, and has always had a love for God. The guys immediately asked her to record a single with them, and she accepted. The 1st single was “Streets of Gold” was born. The single generated some much local success, it was suggested she join the group.
With a new member and a new sound, it was time for a new name. So Chosen Few dropped the “Few” and became Chosen . It was at that point an elder in the group’s home church suggested the group use a “z” instead of a “s” show the world the last will be 1st. CHOZEN was ready! With a hot sound and a youthful swagger, Chozen is ready to minister and bring change to today’s youth. Look out world” Here comes CHOZEN!