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"When listening to CHO' ZEN it is like it's Heaven Sent you can just feel the spirit moving. It is very clear that the word coming out of CHO' ZEN are more than just a song lyric. It is FIRE ! He's on FIRE for the lord as well.


2 PETER 1: 20-21

As the south keep rising to the top in the music business, so does one of the hottest rising Holy Hip Hop lyricist CHO’ZEN. The lyrical and musical blessings of CHO’ZEN are far beyond the everyday emcee.

Born in the state of South Carolina CHO'ZEN had many dreams and ambitions to leave home and become something in life. After attending college for only 3 years met his beautiful wife to grow old with. They now have three lovely children and are currently residing in Charlotte,NC.
Before his transition to Charlotte CHO’ZEN lived in Atlanta, Ga for many years and would soon receive Christ in his life of trials and tribulations as well as his blessings in music.

The independent rapper/songwriter/producer begin making his mark in music and writing with a business associates younger brother about 10 years ago. He begin to learn some of the ends and outs of the music industry and started his own independent label CHO ZEN MUZIK GROUP. In the process of establishing a brand name for him and his company Jesus Christ was building him more for his kingdom. He wrote his first hit song which is also the second lead single with his wife and friend Travis “T. Dizzle” Denson that received several independent achievements and award nominations off his debut cd "HIP PROPHESY". That was just the beginning of what the Lord had in store for CHO’ZEN and the future of his musical career.

CHO’ZEN could not imagine the journey God had for him towards building his life for his kingdom. CHO’ZEN learn more of the business side and now
his own publishing company called CROWN SAINT PUBLISHING. When asked what is next for CHO’ZEN, he simply replied, “When God has even a finger on anything you’re doing greatness is sure to come out of it. I really have several things on my plate to bless all of God’s people with, unless he otherwise changes the situation. I have always had the God giving talent to be an artist, but now I have a bigger outlook on life and the music business itself. Through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I know the outcome will be very much worthy."


HIP- PROPHESY, the debut cd 2005 under his independent imprint gospel label CHO ZEN MUZIK GROUP

I Got That, a song that is a featured crossover song that is on ATL's Poole Palace 7 mix cd circulation in 2005

Compilation mix cd introducing Blessin Boi and his production in 2007 with featured production and executive prodution.

Set List

Performance of all originals from past to present of his music

Shake the Devil Off
Holy SoulJah
Lord HAve Mercy
Sinner to Saint
Jesus Loves Me
I Got That
Till I'm Dead and Gone
Good To Me