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Choze's music is Experimental/Hip Hop.. A nice balance between lyricisim/introspective ideas to create a different type of sound or vibe for people to get a different perspective, think outside of the box.


While Portland, Oregon, is filled with talented hip hop artists, it has also been known as a city that’s difficult to break out of, especially for musicians seeking more national and international attention. But in the last few years there has been a growing hip hop movement of young rappers and producers trying to make their niche in the nation-wide music scene. One of the central players in this movement is Choze, a young rap artist seeking to be one of the best in Portland and to bring more attention and focus to the talent in this city. His mission is both personal and altruistic, and the barriers that musicians face in this region only fuel Choze to push his own music and the larger music scene.

Choze has been a fan of hip hop since the mid-90s: "I remember hearing my first rap song on the radio. It was "California Love" by 2Pac and Dr. Dre." Ever since then, he was hooked. At a younger age, Choze was a music fan but never seriously thought about rhyming and "wanted to be in the NBA growing up." He remembers smiling, "Me and my cousin Mase would play everyday… fierce rivalries which almost led to fist fights." But when Choze was only 12 years old, Mase started to freestyle while the two were working for the local paper, and this changed Choze’s focus to the creation and performance of music. Choze remembers asking his cousin how he could rhyme for so long: "Mase used to rhyme for 10 minutes straight without stopping, and his flow was always on point back then." That was the beginning of their musical partnership. Choze and his cousin (then known as "Lil’M") formed a duo rap group called "Lil’ Playaz" with Mase ghostwriting Choze’s rhymes and the two recording on the Karaoke machine at Choze’s house.

It was at this time that Choze, inspired by his cousin’s coaching and by all forms of hip hop (from the Boom Bap Era in the late 80s to the Flash Era in the late 90s), started developing his talent and coming up with rhymes on his own. Right from the start, the diversity of his influences led Choze to keep an open mind when it came to crafting songs. It is this open mind, combined with his life experience, that gives his music an authenticity and honesty that appeals to his audiences. Of course, it hasn’t always been an easy journey musically or personally, and Choze’s authenticity comes from his experience as a young person of both the beauty and the tragedies of life. Going through the passing of several family members, including his older brother and father, has only strengthened Choze’s understanding of the place music has in his life and has poised him more than ever to make something happen for himself and his family: "I know that all of my family members in heaven are pulling for me and giving me strength to make a success of myself."

This success includes moving forward to break out of the moniker of "Mixtape Rapper" Choze notes, "There was a point in my life, and I’m still trying to get out of it, being labeled as a mixtape rapper because I never really had a producer to be my right hand man and to help me craft my sound. I’ve always had to do industry beats up until this point." Now gaining increased attention via the MySpace Music community and word of mouth in his hometown, Choze believes he has what it takes to be the first young rap artist to break out of his state. As part of this break-out, Choze has released 3 mixtapes, Appeared on over 10 mixtapes from various up and coming DJ's across the country and he is now back in the studio, equipped with new producers, Currently working on a new mixtape as well as an EP titled "A Versatile Mind", All while creating his own record label Neu Beginin Records along with friends and fellow MC's Saint & Wingate (The duo are better known as Tru Quality).

Choze’s mission is to put his music, the local hip hop scene, and Portland on the map. This mission drives him to keep his music real and original, also to reach out to fellow artists and fans who share his passions and goals of making Portland bigger and better. Because of this, Choze is an artist of the people. His success is the success of his fans and other local hip hop musicians. His recognition will be Portland’s recognition. He represents the city’s best


1st Single: Johnny The Martian Ft. Voice
2nd Single: Chozen Heart Ft. Le GemDior

Currently working on an EP titled "A Versatile Mind"

Set List

1st Song: "Johnny The Martian" Ft. Voice, (4:02)
2nd Song: "One Night Stand" Ft. Voice & E.A., (4:32)
3rd Song: "Weekend Lovers" Ft. Tru Quality & Voice, (3:43)
4th Song: "Room 222" Ft. JustNice & Voice, (4:02)
5th Song: "Chozen Heart", (5:03)

Total Time:20 mins 30 secs