Chris Christ

Chris Christ

 Columbia, South Carolina, USA
SoloR&BHip Hop

This performance is timeless. Dancing, singing and rapping is attracting fans for more of this magnetic energy.


You'd think being a musician in 2016 would be easy with all the technology artist have access to. Truth of the matter is it's more difficult now than ever before. Being an artist takes sacrifice, commitment, hard work, and a belief in something greater than yourself. Chris Christ is a seasoned MC with a versatile skill set that makes him uniquely qualified to understand the struggle, and success of the music business.

Born and raised in the small city of Florence, SC he creates songs with political topics, social issues, living the fast life, and blends it with a soul radio vibe mixed with incredible lyrical skills. Chris comes from that Golden Era of Hip Hop. He's been motivated by all the greats like Michael Jackson, Missy, Jay-Z, and Nirvana.

Chris Christ is ready to take his career to the next level, and that includes developing a fan base both organically, and virally. He hopes to make 2016 a breakout year on the touring markets, and continues to release music via the internet.

Chris Christ is a veteran on the mic, but young in his career. He's charismatic, soulful, and lyrical. All the ingredients to make a man from Florence into a star in the music industry. Influenced by the new, and older legends he wishes to one day become one of them.



Written By: Chris Christ

Won't you come over. So I can show you. How xrated it gets round here, how xrated it gets round here. X2
Come and step onto my bachelor pad. Let your hair down lay on my chest and relax. Show me that your now one of them *** you are well aware, a young ***** got his money up. I'm not them sucka ***** that you are use too. I'm the realest ***** you'll ever meet. Oh I know you been searching for that real baby. for that real baby. Well let me show you when I come over, let me show you. How real it really gets round here how X rated it gets round here
Chorus x2

LET IT all around the room. You fuck in with a real a** ***** now, you fuck on with a real a** ***** now.
Let me kiss you. All over your body all over baby all over baby. I want to show you.x3
How it gets round here just how it get round here. So won't you come over.
Chorus x4