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"I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were
born I set you apart and appointed you as my spokesman to the world"
Jeremiah 1:5 (NLT)

Before Christopher T. Thompson, Sr. was born God already knew and
ordered his steps. While Chris was being fearfully and wonderfully
made in his mother's womb God knew he would be a great man of God. God
ordained him to call sinners out of darkness and be a beacon of light to
all who came encounter with him. Chris would tread his feet on the
devil and his plans...

But as always, the adversary, stood by lurking and abhorring the plans
that God had for Chris. He gnashed and grit his teeth infuriated with
God's plans to prosper Chris. He would do any and everything in his
power to bring God's word on Chris's life to void.

Christopher Terrell Thompson was born July 18, 1980 to Aaron
Thompson, Jr. and Annquenetta Deanna Denise Thompson. He was raised in a poverty-stricken environment in Gun Hill Projects. Although he was raised in this environment his parents didn’t take on that mentality. They were ever working and tried their best to give their children everything they needed.
His parents struggled but never made that known to their
children but their children knew differently.

Growing up was no walk in the park. Chris wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. At an early age Chris had to learn to deal with the fact that he and his family had less than everybody else. Yet they never went hungry or without food. However, in dealing with lack he learned the true meaning of who God was and he learned how to trust God through his parents. The Bible says, "For I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging
bread". Although we lacked a lot of the things that we wanted we had
everything that we needed.

Due to his devote Christian upbringing, Chris was born and raised in the
church. He believed that God existed but didn't really know who God
was. He came to church because he had to as; he was living under his
parent’s roof, not because he wanted to. Chris decided that since he was
going to be at church then he might as well become involved. Chris
played the drums and bongos for his church and loved the feeling he got
while being able to move people to worship and praise through the beats he
played. But the adversary was not pleased...he had to put an end
to Chris and he had to do it to where it would destroy him and his
family. He had to use Chris to tear his family apart and so the process

Chris had a tumultuous adolescence having had many behavioral problems
in school Chris was ousted out of several Junior High Schools for
weapons possession and fighting among other things. He was also told by his teachers that he would never be anybody in this life but another statistic. He was told he wouldn't live pass the age of 20. He was evaluated
incessantly for psychological problems. His teachers even tried to put him into special education as an emotionally disturbed child. But thanks be unto
God he had praying parents who fought for him. They didn't put Chris
into special education but things still didn't get better.

As time went on Chris was involved in the street life. In the midst of
hustling he developed a love for rapping. He had an insatiable love for
words and putting them together to put a lasting effect on a people.
First he started out just playing around with friends but then it took
on a whole different light when he was actually told he was great at the
craft. His creativity and his quick tongue kept him loved around his
neighborhood but the streets were still calling him. The devil was
still luring him into his trap and Chris was following unaware that God
had a call on his life and that he could run but he couldn’t hide.

While fresh out of HS he took on the "hood" mentality. Money, power and
respect were his mantra and he would get it by any means necessary.
Chris was fearless and ruthless and his career as a criminal would soon
come to a halt when he got locked up. He did a small stint but that
didn't dissuade him from the streets. His mother persuaded him to
try college as any parent would want their child to succeed. She
persuaded him to go to a community college that was in upstate New York
to break away from the norm. Chris complied. Chris went to college and was actually on the road to success until Satan started beckoning in his ear once more. He began to sell drugs to his classmates which eventually landed him doing another stint in jail.
Upon leaving the correctional facility and coming back home, Chris
became depressed. He let all the negative stuff that people infused
into his brain take over his thinking. He felt he was worthless and a
nobody. He wanted to end it all...he wanted to kill himself. He put a
gun to his head and tried to do it but he couldn't. He just couldn't
take his own life. G