Chris Acker

Chris Acker


I am a professional songwriter currently residing in London. I have several NO. 1 hits under the belt including being the lead songwriter for the first BIG BROTHER series (South Africa).


I have been professionally involved in the South African music industry since 1994 as a songwriter, performer and producer.

I was the lead songwriter / guitarist in two of South Africa’s most successful groups namely, Semisane and Black Diamond, and have achieved many milestones over the last 10 years within these groups. These successes include being the opening act for groups such as Westlife, SavageGarden, Roxette and Shaggy.

My biggest achievements to date are being selected to write the theme song for Big Brothers first series in South Africa as well as having an album released in Germany (BMG). I have also received a South African Music Award (SAMA) for best pop single and a nomination for best South African Pop Act.

To date I have had three number one hit singles on South Africa’s largest radio station: 5FM, with a further four reaching respectable positions on its TOP 40 charts. I have also had 10 singles charting on major regional stations with many topping these charts. In 2006 I received an Honor Award in the Great American Song Contest.

I have a wide range of styles in which I write, but have focused mainly on the pop and rock genre. The importance of radio-friendly material has always been the cornerstone of my writing style. Prior to coming to the U.K, I was head of artist development for Cherry Pie Records in South Africa.

I am currently in the U.K pursuing my songwriting career with parties who can manage my writing interests in the advertising and original artists world, as well as further the success of my current catalogue.

If you are interested in further information / material, or would like to discuss the furthering of these interests, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Chris Acker



Written By: Christopher Acker

You the one
Who makes it all
You are the light
So I see more

The higher you get
The further you fall
The harder you try
The longer you crawl
The closer we get
The safer it seems
The more that you give
The more I give in………..

The higher we fly
The better I see
As the sky just clears
Now that you're here
And I know
That the cold has gone away
'Cause it's not raining here
On Monday………..

You are the one
That makes it real
You are the things
I couldn’t feel

Open Arms

Written By: Christopher Acker

I hold you near so close
To me I know
That you’re still a part of my life
I reach out to touch your heart
But the distance makes it too far

I look to the stars
And it comforts me to know

That we’ve come this far
And I don’t know how here
With open hearts and open arms
And we must be strong
‘Cause I’m holding on here
To the best thing I’ve felt
In a while…………..

Memories keep me safe
On long cold nights
As I think of all the good times
I wish I could call your name
But there’d be no answer to me

It keeps us apart
But this castle holds my heart

‘Cause we’ve come this far
And I don’t know how here
With open hearts and open arms
And we must be strong
‘Cause I’m holding on here
To the best thing I’ve felt in a while

You just mean everything
In my life
And you’ve given me brand new wings
To fly
And bring me home again
Does it own me
This castle’s lonely

We’ve come this far
And I don’t know how here…………………..


Written By: C.Acker,H.Rose,B.O'shea

Escape the muffled world
Erupt the foreign prisoner
But eliminate the sound
Of those to weak to rise
Don’t try and blind your eyes
Hold onto what you’ve got
Stand up for all of those lives

How can this world communicate
When the world has got no lines
How can this world eradicate
Suffering deep inside
And how can we stay together
When we’ve broken all our ties
We’ll put our hands together
And hold up those who cry…………..

Embrace us with your pain
Light the guided way
Encourage young to enchain
The happiness inside
There’s a reason why we write
There’s a reason why we do
So put yourself forward
And be the voice for me and you

You don’t have to poison
To get the point across
Blood stained poetry
We’ll always trust
Cant you see that your hearts no enemy
Beauties smile changes what we really see
We need to come together now
We need to hold together now
We need to light the guided way
We need to listen when we say

How can this world communicate? ……



1996 - Group: Black Diamond
Album: True Life Experience (BMG / Street Level)
(Lead songwriter/producer)
- Four singles released on national and regional radio
- Two TOP 5 charting singles on national radio
- Nominated for a South African Music Award (best pop act)
- Singles included on three Gold selling BMG Compilations
- Regarded by the S.A music industry as the band that received the most airplay in South Africa.

1997 - Group: Black Diamond
Single: Me and My Friends (BMG)
Lead songwriter
- Received national / regional airplay
- Single included on Gold selling BMG Compilation

2000 - Group: Semisane
Album: A Life Less Strange (BMG)
Lead songwriter
- Four singles released on national radio
- Three Number 1 Top Forty hits on National radio
- Chart topping success on many major regional stations.
- Album released in Germany (BMG)
- Several singles included on several BMG and other record company compilations.
- Regarded by the media as a “landmark South African album of critical acclaim”

2002 - Group: Semisane
Big Brother 1 Single: Life (BMG / Endemol)
Lead songwriter/co-producer
- Big Brother 1 theme song for South Africa.
- Received a South African Music Award (Best Pop Single)
- Achieved platinum sales
- Included on “HECTIC” compilation selling in excess of 100 000 units.
- Reached number 1 on National radio as well as many major regional stations.
- Music video shot in the Big Brother House

2003 –Group: Semisane
Album: Room to Breathe (BMG / Musketeer)
Lead songwriter/producer
- Three singles released still receive extensive airplay on most South African stations.
- Single included on Big Brother 2 compilation “HECTIC”.

2004 - Cherry Pie Records
- Head of artist development for Cherry Pie Records
- Head Producer/engineer Boomcat Studio.

2004 – Group: Semisane
Single: You Don’t Know (Cherry Pie Records)
Lead songwriter/producer
- Chart climbing single on national radio with second single receiving extensive airplay on regional stations.

2004 - Group: The Hush
Single: Communicate (Cherry Pie Records)
Lead songwriter/producer
- Requested by the South African Autism Society to write a theme song as part of their drive towards the World Autism Conference in 2006.

2005 - Group: The Hush
Album: Woodside Road (Cherry Pie Records)
Lead songwriter/producer
- Album set for release in 2005.

2006 - Great Amenican Song Contest
Song: Fly
- Received an Honor Award