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Barnyard Boogie- Childrens song
Eye For An Eye- World song for peace
Truckin' Love- Country
I Believe- For World Youth Day 2002
Thirty Hours- The World Vision "30 hour famine"
Katrina- Rock- About the hurricane of 2005
Police Tape Lines- Contemporary Americana
Above the Step- Ballad- The 1993 Everest Tragedy
Salt in the Earth of Kalimantan- Ballad- Bre-X Hoax
My Second Wind- Country/contemporary- true love


Feeling a bit camera shy


Back in high school, I got my first guitar- an acoustic Yamaki, and some song books, and I started picking up the basics of playing it. During my university years I played a lot of the popular music of the day (this was the late 70's, early eighties). For the next ten years I got involved as an owner and operator of a small computer retail store, got married and started a family. I pretty well put away my guitar (actually sold it after it had been damaged on a plane trip) and I didn't pick it up again until my son was about 4 years old. I bought my second guitar (an Ibanez) from a customer of mine and decided to write a song to my first born. I wrote "How you got it done" on November 14th, 1993, as a code to live by for my first born, and with that, I was hooked. I found a real joy in writing music and it gave me an inner peace that I really needed.
But I had a lot to learn about songwriting and as the years pass, I continue to tune my craft and I've come to appreciate the nuances of creating good songs.
And, I've had some successes in getting my music "out there".
Most recently, Truckin' Love is part of a Truck Drivin' Songs compilation.
In 2005, I released The NHL Hockey Lockout tune, a tongue in cheek parody from this hockey fan's point of view, based (with permission) on the Superman Song by The Crash Test Dummies. It received some radio play.
In 2001, I released a song following 911 about following the advice of such people as Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. It was sponsored by my Canadian government and played at the Canada Loves NY weekend on December 1st of that year, in the Roseland Ballroom. Over 6,000 CD's of the single were distributed free to attendees.
In 2002, I was once again sponsored for a single song project for World Youth Day entitled: "I Believe".
World Vision Canada has a theme song of mine for the 30 Hour Famine that I am currently pitching.
I also wrote songs commemorating events such as the Beltway sniper tragedies, the Bre-X scandal and the 1993 Everest tragedy.
Part of my children's song "Barnyard Boogie" was used in a World Vision campaign to promote sponsor donations to provide various farm animals to the needy.
So, I'm keeping busy, always working on new material, promotion, recording... I love it.
I'm always ready to collaborate with other talented musicians. I'm Toronto based, but I'll go just about anywhere for the right reason.