Chris Bawiec

Chris Bawiec

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Place Enigma, Deep Forest, Yanni, Queensryche, and Rush in a blender. Mix and chill ever so slightly.


Chris Bawiec's latest manifestation "Secret Passages: A Sacred Adventure" is inspired by Enigma, Deep Forest, Yanni, Queensryche and Rush. It is a dynamic mix of new age, downtempo, electronica and rock. The feel and energy associated with Bawiec's music comes from more than twenty-years of studying and experiencing Toltec, Eastern, New Age and Western spiritual concepts. Drawing from hypnosis and meditation recordings, the music is designed to help build creative energy and manifest divine purpose.

In mid-2007, Bawiec took a leap of faith. He made the decision to leave school and his full-time job to live his passion and to follow his bliss: MUSIC. Building on his over 25 years of experience as a musician, Bawiec started his own independent label, Three Point Records. His latest release, "Secret Passages: A Sacred Adventure" is a collection of spiritually energized creations.

At age 12, Bawiec was inspired by his grandfather, a jazz drummer, to pick up the sticks. Bawiec played drums exclusively for a few years and then began to learn guitar and bass. He played in rock bands throughout the 80's and early 90's writing music for his later bands. In the mid-90's, Bawiec left music to pursue other interests.

Bawiec has returned to his passion and is currently speaking and performing in support of “Secret Passages: A Sacred Adventure” at a variety of venues.


• Secret Passages: A Sacred Journey
• Inspired (December 2007)
• Automatic Electric Acoustic (1999)

Set List

Live performances consist of an array of Crystal Bowls, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Various Percussion and computer generated sounds.

All original music is performed interspersed with a speaking by Chris Bawiec on the art of directing spiritual energy and healing.