Chris Bax

Chris Bax


Powerful, melodic and emotive vocals with fresh attitude. Songs with lyrics that everyone has always wanted to sing!


Chris works and lives in Brisbane. Chris studied at St. Brendan's in Yeppoon, and completed his plumbing apprenticeship with his father in Mt. Isa, and moved to Brisbane to concentrate on his music career.


Selected by USA NOTEBORN MUSIC for Publishing Deal USA Film & TV Placement-
2007 "Lost In You" through Sonicbids

Selected by SUPREME LYRICS for Publishing/licencing Deal USA Film & TV Placement-
2007 "Lost In You" through Sonicbids

Selected by SUPREME LYRICS for Publishing/licencing Deal USA Film & TV Placement-
2007 "I Wish You Were Mine" through Sonicbids

(NOTE: - no deals have been signed or proceeded with yet.)

Honourable Mention - 3 Song Awards

"Lost in You"
"Somewhere & Nowhere"

Honourable Mention - 2007 Singer/Songwriter Awards - "Lost In You"

He is currently studying voice, music and theory, under Chrisse "Mamafrika" Feros, award winning producer and singer/songwriter, and as well as writing for his own performances and album, he songwrites for other artists.

His unique vocal style is melodic and emotive, he powerfully delivers each of his songs with great passion, performing them as soloist or with his band "The Chris Bax Theory".

Musically catchy, his lyrics and hooky chorus's are part of the great songwriter that he is. His music is all original.

His influences, are in the genres of "Dashboard Confessional", "Tonic" and "Howie Day".

The vocal and artistic performances of Chris Bax are unique, and soulful.


Somewhere & Nowhere

Written By: Chris Bax/Chrisse Feros

Feel lost now in my own space, I can't find a reason for the chase. The clouds have stole the light, this blanket is all I have tonight -

To keep me warm from the storm that is raging in my head, tell me why I'm caught between somewhere and nowhere again.
Take my hand I've got a plan to free you from the walls, I'll end the days that have trapped you somewhere and nowhere again.

Did I read it wrong,
Blinding light what's going on
Why couldn't I see what's in front of me, I read the soul the way it should have been -

Now I'm running, I'm running, so watch me, I feel lost now

Cannot find a place where I belong,
Where I feel warm, Now I'm caught in the storm.


Written By: Chris Bax/Chrisse Feros

Sunrise has come shows your face to me, I can see you so perfectly in my life, another time another song another dream another line another chance to see,

You smile at me I can't believe that I've found you fit so perfectly in my life, another time another rhyme another chance another find another dream to see -

You stand there perfectly,
in my dreams perfectly, shining that light you shine, down on me perfectly.

Will you forgive me if I start acting a little strange, I can feel you so perfectly in my life, will you remember when the sunrise comes will you smile and stay awhile, another rhyme to find, another dream to see, another chance it's real -

If I close my eyes and drift away, I can't wait to start the new day, 'cause you fit with me perfectly.

Lost In You

Written By: Chris Bax

The sparkle in your eyes iswhat caught mine, took me, turned my head around, made this lost man found in an instant.

Oh, everything is clear now that you are here, I can't believe I found you again.

When I close my eyes all I do is chase you 'cause you're running through my head and I can't keep up, missed the chance to love you at first sight but right now everything feels so right - to be lost in you.

The softness of your touch is what stole me, took me away from reality now I'm lost in this dream, oh please don't wake me, I wanna see where you take me, I can't believe I found you again.

With my nights now come these shivers, do you feel the same as I do when I hear your name, I came here to find you again.


Written By: Chris Bax/Chrisse Feros

It's a solitary life pretending everything has got an ending, do you know how it feels?
Just one more closed door to open searching for someone forgotten do you know how it feels?

Catch me watch me hold me so closely, don't you let me be.
Watch me feel me hold me so closely don't let us fall behind.

It 's a never ending game we're playing losing ground and finding nothing how does it feel?
Don't let yourself pretend that solitary grounds won't haunt you, 'cause you know how it feels.

Solitary days are ending I can feel the tide is turning, all the waves are quietly crashing taking me back to solitary.

Voice of Sorry

Written By: Chris Bax

The voice of sorry
Speaks loudly in my head
Haunts me when
I try to start Again
When you said forever
Yeah did you mean
What you said
These empty promises
Left my life just hanging
When will memories fade
Stop my life from falling
I’m gonna take the rejection
That you’ve thrown In my direction
I’m gonna land on my feet
This time cause my heart
Is stronger than you’ll ever
Know you should have stayed
With me longer and
Tried to love me real slow
Now I’m stranded
Alone with my feelings
I need you to release me yeah
Why can’t you release me

Wish You Were Mine

Written By: Chris Bax

She walked by
And her hair brushed against me
The scent of her beauty
Lingered all around
She could be the one
To write my book of destiny
How can I have her
If that page has passed
If I could lay in your bed
Be by your side
I’d give you my everything
Just for a moment
Let’s linger in time
Just for one stolen
Moment be mine
I wish you were
I wish you were mine
The light in her eyes
The way she moves
Her body against me
I’m under the spell she’s spinning
Oh butterflies surrounding me


Chris' debut 11 track album : "SOMEWHERE & NOWHERE" is due for release in 2007
TRACKS: Fly, Silently, The Light, Somewhere & Nowhere, Voice of Sorry, Sit With Me, Lost in You, Kiss me Out of This World, Perfectly, Solitary, I Wish you were mine


ARTISTS: Artists performing on this album include:

Bryan Macaranas on Drums: endorsed by Meinl drums and Percussion, and Mapex.
Drummer "The Chris Bax Theory".

Rowan Staples: Bassist, International Session artist Singer/songwriter/producer, and Bass player for "The Chris Bax Theory.

David Orr: Lead guitarist, International Session Artist, Singer/Songwriter/producer, guitarist for
"The Chris Bax Theory".

Artists on the album:

Chris Bax: All lead and backup vocals, all acoustic guitars.

Clyde Schipke: Professional guitarist, International sessionist, composer.
Chris Gilbert: Bass, Honours graduate , Conservatorium of QLD, Singer, Songwriter, and International Session Performer.
Rowan Staples: Bassist , Singer/Songwriter, and producer, now bassist for "The Chris Bax Theory"
Steve Francis: Aria award Nominee, additional guitaring.
Marly Luske: additional guitar.

Chrisse "Mamafrika" Feros: All Keyboards, Piano, Synths, Percussion, endorsed by "TOCA" and"TAMA" Percussion and Drums USA, International Session artist.

RECORDINGS: Brisbane - Alchemix Studios, Ultrasonique Studios, Sydney - Nikinali Studios

The album has been produced by Chrisse Feros with co-production by Chris Bax.

Album executive production - Bryan Macaranas, Chris Bax, Chrisse Feros

Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper, TURTLETONE STUDIOS NEW YORK, NY USA

Chris Bax, and "The Chris Bax Theory" are managed by FMC/BADBUBBA

The album is due for release in USA in 2007
TEL: Aust Cellphone Int +614 39 496744
National: 0439 496744

Set List

Set list encompasses, 2 X 40 minute sets of original songs. Approximately 7 -8 songs per set.