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Chris Belsito

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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"Coming Soon: Chris Belsito Bobble Heads?"

It's official.

Chris Belsito is now ready for groupies.

As the local musician's fourth CD was launched last night at the Windsor Park Ballroom, the Chris Belsito T-shirts were selling faster than they could be printed.

And Belsito was talking about the possibility of having other merchandise created as well.

He wasn't saying exactly what his new swag will be, but he did assure that (much to our disappointment) there will not be a Chris Belsito bobble-head doll.

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Belsito's solid musical content in Fade Dissolve was accented last night by Sault Ste. Marie's first professional performance DVD.

Belsito says he made the DVD partly to prove that independent artists are a lot less limited than they may think they are.

"I really wanted to do things that I would if I were actually signed to a record label," he said. "Instead of not doing something because I'm not on a record label I just figured out a way to do it."

The DVD was produced from footage of a Chris Belsito Band concert at Algoma University College, shot shortly after the release of his last CD Turbulence.

"Its a very-limited edition of Fade Dissolve that has the DVD," says Belsito.

Your next chance to catch Belsito is tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Roberta Bondar Tent Pavilion at 7 p.m.

At his official website, you can sign up for e-mail updates.
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"Belsito Announces "Fade Dissolve""

Local musician Chris Belsito will release his new CD “Fade Dissolve” this weekend, and a limited edition bonus DVD entitled “Live at the AUC Auditorium” is included. The DVD is the first professional music DVD to come out of Sault Ste Marie.

The DVD was filmed November 15th, 2003 during a performance at the university and includes many tracks from Belsito’s Turbulence CD and early renditions of songs from his new release.

Fade Dissolve is a collection of 12 songs that Belsito feels are dynamic and very cinematic. Recorded with Larry Borek at Red Gecko Studios in Hilton Beach also features the work of many other local musicians. Joining Chris are Ed Young, Larry Borek, Craig West, Jay Case, Lindsay Pugh, Cliff Alloy, Frank Deresti, Brain Oja, George Ravlich, and Laura Alopaeaus.

To celebrate Belsito is holding a CD Release Event on Sunday July 24th at the Windsor Park Imperial Ballroom. The evening begins at 7pm and will include a performance of songs from Fade to Dissolve, a preview of the DVD and a least one special guest.

Tickets for the event are $15 which also gets you a copy of the CD/DVD and are available at The Rad Zone (Wellington Square Mall), CD Plus (Cambrian Mall), Loplops Lounge (Queen St.) or any band member. A $5.00 ticket is also available for those that may not want the CD at this time. However the $5.00 ticket can be redeemed at the show for five dollars off any Belsito merchandise.

Fade to Dissolve will be available on the shelves July 26th at The Rad Zone, CD Plus, and The Steamy Bean.

For more info you can email Chris at or log on to his web site at - LTV News (

"Sault Ste. Marie's First Professional Music DVD"

A couple of moonlighting SooToday.comers are planning to give Sault Ste. Marie its first-ever professional music DVD this coming weekend.

The DVD features a live performance by Arts and Entertainment Editor Chris Belsito, recorded at Algoma University College.

It's edited by reporter Carol Martin and will be distributed free with Belsito's new CD Fade Dissolve at a launch party on Sunday night at the Windsor Park Imperial Ballroom.

Here's the official announcement:

Fade Dissolve CD Release Party

It had to happen sometime.

Belsito finally got his act together and has his new CD, entitled Fade Dissolve, ready for release.

The duplication company will be shipping the CDs to Belsito this week.

So, you know what that means - Belsito is going to have a CD Release Party.

Fade Dissolve is a collection of 12 songs that showcase Belsito and the band like they have never been captured before.

From the opening track "Blurring" to the closer dramatic "The Moon and Your Missiles", Fade Dissolve is a dynamic and cinematic CD.

Recorded with Larry Borek out at Red Gecko Studios in Hilton Beach, Fade Dissolve features a stellar cast of players: Ed Young, Larry Borek, Craig West, Jay Case, Lindsay Pugh, Cliff Alloy, Frank Deresti, Brian Oja, George Ravlich, and Laura Alopaeus.

This release will not only include a CD, but the long rumoured DVD Live at the AUC Auditorium filmed on November 15, 2003.

This limited edition, free bonus DVD is a historical document from the Turbulence tour.

It is also the first professional music DVD to come out of Sault Ste. Marie.

The DVD, which was edited by Carol Martin, includes many Turbulence tracks, as well as early renditions of tracks from Fade Dissolve.

The Fade Dissolve release party will be held this coming Sunday, July 24th at the Windsor Park Imperial Ballroom (617 Queen St.) beginning at 7 p.m.

Belsito wanted to have it in the ballroom, not only because it is a great space, but he wanted it to be an all-ages show that is air-conditioned and easily accessible.

Tickets for this event are currently on sale at The Rad Zone (in the Wellington Square Mall) and at Loplops Lounge, as well as from Craig West, Chris Belsito and at the door.

Here is the deal: a $15 ticket gets you into the show and gets you a free CD/DVD.

If you would like to go to the show, but (for some strange reason) don't want the CD/DVD at this time, there are $5 tickets.

Of course, if you get to the show and change your mind, the $5 ticket can be redeemed for its face value off any Belsito merchandise (including the new CD/DVD).

We hope that you can make it out to the show - if not, Fade Dissolve will be available at The Rad Zone, CD Plus and the Steamy Bean beginning Tuesday, July 26.

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Full Length CDS:

Chris Belsito – Revelation Come Late (October 2009)

Chris Belsito - Fade Dissolve (2005)

Chris Belsito - Cameras EP (2005)

Chris Belsito - Turbulence (2003)

Chris Belsito and Rainhorses - August Mask (1995)

Chris Belsito and Rainhorses - self-titled (1993)

Full-Length DVDs:

Fade Dissolve: Live at the AUC Auditorium (2005)

Songs That Have Received Airplay:
Blueprints (Revelation Come Late)
One by One (Revelation Come Late)
Blurring (Fade Dissolve)
Pushing Against Glass (Fade Dissolve)
King of Empty Spaces (Fade Dissolve)
The Only Thing (from Turbulence)
Skinny Bones (from Turbulence)
Cuba (from Turbulence)
Circles and Circles (from Turbulence)
Wolf (from August Mask)
Land Over (from August Mask)



Chris Belsito loves music. No, he really loves music.

Belsito is an avid music collector and listener. He has been a music journalist. He wanted to support indie artists he liked so much that he founded an independent record label. On top of all that, he is an established recording artist and prolific songwriter.

As a performer, Belsito has played his music across the Americas, from Montreal to Vancouver, Memphis to Buenos Aires. He has showed up at cafes, clubs, lounges, theatres, and festivals, as well as being a formidable opening act on the larger stage with many of his musical heroes. His music has appeared in ad campaigns and indie films, played on indie radio and CBC, can be found across the web, and on CDs by other artists. Song scouts for some of Canada’s top artists have even sought him out. Releasing five full-length CDs and one E.P. of his own material, as well as a live performance DVD, Belsito has wasted no time in making sure his ventures in the music world have been well documented. In return, his music is in thousands of homes across the world. Not bad for an artist who calls a small town in Northern Ontario his home.

Belsito, whose latest batch of songs are as poetic, cinematic and emotionally powerful as any he has ever written, is releasing Revelation Come Late (October 2009). The songs are more expansive and moving than ever, sitting somewhere in between Norah Jones and Interpol, Ryan Adams and The National, Rufus Wainwright and The Decemberists. The music is at once uniquely atmospheric and immediately catchy. With more songs written than he could record himself, Belsito is also in the early stages of increasing his profile as a ‘songwriter for hire’ in the music industry - with some of those new songs being targeted for other artists.

With his small record label, Murderous Butterfly Music/Murderfly Entertainment, now boasting some of Northern Ontario’s top indie artists and a new album of new material near completion, Belsito is comfortable in his musical world. How does he define personal success? For him, success is being able to perpetually translate a love of music into new opportunities that allow him to continually develop as both an artist and a musical entrepreneur.

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