Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett


Chris Bennett's Stand Up is Fun, High Energy, and Different. His stand up is more like a one man play than a typical Stand Up show. He uses his energy, facial expressions and material to create a funny world for the audience to peak in at.


Chris's Stand Up is Auto-biographical, high energy and clean. Chris's Comedy is deifferent than other comedians on the circuit, because his comedy is focused on his life and is filled with all clean material suitable for all audiences. Chris's comedy is different also because his jokes are more like little plays and he uses all of the stage to paint a picture for the audience. His facial expressions, his different voices, his different types of energy and his jokes create a hilarious world for the audience to enter. Because of Chris's prior business background in the corporate world, he understands the importance of carrying himself in a proffesional manner on and off stage. He understands the importance of being on time and providing the customer with a great experience. When you hire Chris you are guaranteed to have and audience that will have a wonderful time and an entertainer that will treat you and the audience with the respect you deserve.

Set List

My Typical Set is 1 hr. I cover issues from dating, highschool, College, Work, Movies, Music, Parents, Siblings, Friends, Drinking.