Chris Berry

Chris Berry


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Written By: Chris Berry

And you turned your head
looked me in my eyes
i've never seen you before now
this is the best night of my life

just look at me
just look at me

And now I can see
your beauty Unequivocally
if only I knew what to say
maybe I wouldnt shy a...

way, from you
like I always do
and despite my tries
I can't get it right

With you, I dont know what to do
your eyes say that I should try
to walk the line for the first
time, in my life


I'm coming out of my day dream
but she's still all that I see
I just wanted to say hi
I hope to see her around some..

Time this night
so I can share whats inside
cause if we never talk
I dont think I can go on

Without you, I dont know what to do
My heart says that there is more
between the two
of us

Just look at me
Just look at me
Just look at me