chris bloyed

chris bloyed


A relaxing, mellow vacation from any day, Chris' acoustic rock is a slight twist from the average and delivered with charisma and wit.


I am a music LOVER. I dig old school country to your classic rock to modern "edge" rock and pop. By mixing the in's and out's of my personal icons, the most prominent would be the acoustic/electric talent of Monte Montgomery along with vocals that emulate Peter Gabriel and Staind's Aaron Lewis. Listen and you will understand what sets my original styles of music apart from any kind of "acoustic rock" that you've ever heard.


Don't Want to Be

Written By: Chris Bloyed

you see my eyes light up when you
walk into my room
my thoughts are often of you

yes i was pleased to make your acquaintance
several years ago
i don’t see enough as i’d like to
wish it could be more
did i forget to mention

i don’t want to be the one left waiting in line
i don’t want to be left all alone
don’t want to be your misunderstanding
i don’t want to be your waste of time

seen your smile it runs straight through me
chills me to the bone
my fears are often of you
did i forget to mention
have you misread all my intentions
to make you change your mind
dig deep you’ll know what i’m thinking
you’ll like what you will find
did i forget to mention



I released my freshman CD in August of 2005 entitled "Hide and Seek." That and more of my original music is in review and can be heard through Broadjam

Set List

Sets consist MOSTLY of my ORIGINAL MUSIC with the OCCASIONAL obscure COVER from "Rocket Man," "Cherub Rock," and Pink Floyd's "Time," to Phil Collins, and Elvis' "Suspicious Minds." 8-13 songs a set, depending on the room. Sample cover sets are as follows.

John Mayer- No Such Thing
Train- Free
The Beatles- We Can Work it Out
Dave Matthews- Superman
Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here
Puddle of Mud- Drift and Die
Foo Fighters- Times Like These
Fleetwood Mac- The Chain
Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes
Elvis- Suspicious Minds
Def Lepard-