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Chris Brady @ Monto Water Rats Kings Cross

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Chris Brady @ Fete de la Musique

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Chris Brady @ The Troubadour

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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27 Jun 2007

CHRIS BRADY has slept past midday after a long night recording, so JAKEB SMITH goes and grabs lunch before calling the sleepy local singer/songwriter back.

Chris Brady is a man of change. He's just started jamming a new band for his next show at The Zoo, before he jets overseas in August. He does normally have a band, but they weren't available. "I kind of did have a band but lately they've all been busy with their own bands so they haven't been able to play on the same night as me," Brady says frankly. "I had to get basically a whole new band."

The line-up is now looking as all-star as ever, with Crystal Radio's Murray Johnson on bass; Jon Weber of Idle Cranes playing lead guitar; 2010's Adrian Wilson on keys; and Dave Gilbert from Andrew Morris And The Dry Bones hitting the skins. And after a couple of rehearsals, Brady says it's all working out quite well.

"The band's more into the music I think, playing these songs with them just makes them sound really good. The dynamics are really coming together, and I think that will have a big impact on the night, using the dynamics in the songs with these guys will really drive it in the heavy bits and pull back in the soft bits. They really know when to go for it or when not to and add a whole other level of intensity."

Brady admits pulling everything together at the last minute has been a little stressful though.

"It was a bit of a rush, I was a bit worried at one stage. I was ringing up my old guitarist going 'are you sure you can't play? What time are you going on for your gig?' and he was like 'no we're playing at 10' and I'm like 'oh no, we're playing at 10 too'. And I was like 'fuck, who am I going to call?'"

Not Ghostbusters, but perhaps Qantas. Brady has decided to leave Brisbane behind for now, flying out of the country to Ireland in August: a tough move. "It will be a bit hard because all the people that I like to do music with will be in Australia," he says, optimistic despite the level of competition he'll face solo.

"It's pretty intense, the kind of people that are fighting for gigs over there. I think it's exciting, it offers up a lot of possibilities and it'll be a lot of new inspiration for songs."

Brady has established some infrastructure for himself already though, via the internet. "I have a manager over there now that I met on MySpace and he was really keen," he chirps, excited by the prospect of having someone share his current workload.

"He's going to setup gigs and just take care of all the business really, which is good because I do all of that here. It will give me time to relax and write some news songs and take in the culture and hopefully get some good music out of it."

Good music indeed Chris Brady, godspeed.

You can catch Chris Brady and all-star band at The Zoo Saturday, supporting Mia Dyson. His debut album, Satellites, is available now on iTunes, at local music stores or from

- Rave Magazine

Time Off Mag

Backed by a four-piece band, local singer-songwriter Chris Brady runs through the bulk of material from his recently-released debut album Satellites. The feel-good pop of 'Happy' and 'Everytime' exemplify Brady's broad vocal range, while the rocking 'Satellites', the psychedelic 'Corruption', and the seductively epic 'Mexican Eyes' in turn reveal Brady's true stylistic depth. VINCENT GAMBINI

Faster Louder review

Chris Brady opens with low-key gentle tunes characterised by mellow, yearning vocals and guitar harmonies that float along on a stream of bongo-laden percussion. The tempo accelerates when his band strikes up Mexican Eyes, though, and the fast-growing crowd laps up the staccato Spanish beats. Corruption, from Brady's debut album, follows, slow to begin, but peaking in a wondrous crescendo of percussion and haunting, eastern-tinged guitars. Brady finally rounds out the set with a brash and funky rendition of the Doors-like Satellite, leaving the punters well-warmed for the main act. DEMOSTHENES

Rave Mag

Then it's Chris Brady. Support acts are so often dismissed but this guy makes a connection with the crowd that, although unexpected by both parties, makes us grin that little bit more.

- Time Off magazine,, Rave Magazine

In between his numerous other musical occupations, local singer-songwriter Chris Brady has been gradually piecing together his own debut long-player Satellites, and the result is a well-rounded collection that showcases Brady's multitude of diverse musical personae. Recorded with the help of numerous local identities but predominantly featuring multi-instrumentalist Brady, Satellites reveals a clear songwriting progression from Brady's preceding release Mexican Eyes.

Spanning every nuance of guitar music from upbeat rocker ('Let You In', 'Satellite') to introspective balladry ('In My Life', 'Burning') to Spanish ('Mexican Eyes') to airy psychedelica ('Frenchie'), picking a favourite from the bunch is no easy task. 'Everytime' stands out as a slice of breezy, feel-good 60s pop that could well pass as a Beatles B-side.

The album's centrepiece is the two-part 'Corruption' - a social comment on the recent corruption within the Victorian and Queensland police forces. Opening with a simply strummed acoustic tune, the song traverses many musical seas before climaxing with a dizzying spell of eastern-influenced soloing by Brady. Expect many more good things from this local boy.

3.5/5 (Justin Grey) - Time Off Magazine

CHRIS BRADY 'Mexican Eyes' (Jarsonic Records)

Brisbane is overflowing with the safe singer/songwriter types at the moment, therefore it comes as a refreshing surprise to stumble across this EP - a taster of what's to come on his forthcoming album - and Brady's fearless attitude to making something a little obscure. The title track is an outstanding opener coming at you like an indie-Springsteen via Brandon Flowers taking a cruise through a hot desert in a convertible Cadillac. The subsequent tracks - 'Happy', 'In My Life' and 'Frenchie' - are revealing, moody glances into the head of the singer. Bring on the album Brady! (BP)
- Time Off Magazine

Chris Brady takes the stage with a five piece band including keyboards and bongo drums and reveals later on that this is the first time the band has played together. Chris Brady's music is mellow and acoustically based, at times leaning towards a more experimental sound especially with the song Corruption which has an eerie keyboard line and the softly sung lyrics 'One day you're gonna pay'. He breezes through songs including the more stripped back love song Frenchie , the melancholy ballad In My Life and the up tempo marching beat of Mexican Eyes from his soon to be released debut album Satellites.

He ends the set with the title track of his album, an up tempo number which even includes an extended guitar solo which once again goes to show that just because you play acoustic guitar doesn't mean you can't rock out with the best of them.

Since the late 2006 release of his stellar debut album Satellites, singer-songwriter Chris Brady, pictured, has gone from strength to strength. He's secured a european management deal, digitally released the album worldwide, and is about to embark on his first overseas tour. Now, Brady has also been awarded the support slot for Mia Dyson's upcoming local shows at Soundlounge Friday June 29 and the Zoo Saturday Jun 30. he's also supporting Brant Ward at the troubadour Sunday Jul 15. You little beauty! - Time Off Magazine


ON HIS DEBUT long-player Satellites, Chris Brady inhabits multiple personae - a dreamy introvert, an upbeat rocker, a social commentator, a country-tinged troubadour, and a sexy, bullfighting balladeer - yet under each of these guises the local singer-songwriter excels.

“It wasn’t a conscious decision,” Brady says of his stylistic variances. “With the way I write songs, it swaps all around style-wise, and in the end the style of the song is the best vehicle to get out the meaning of the song. You could turn [album track] ‘Everytime’ into a punk song, but it had a bit more charm doing it in a Beatles-ey, country style.

“With the lyrics it has to be the right feel, and the different styles come through because the feeling of the song is what dictates the style of the music. So if it feels that it should do that, than that’s just what happens, rather than trying to stick to one style or let the style engross me.”

Brady recorded Satellites over a 12-month period, in between his duties as bassist for Andrew Morris.

“It started with the four tracks that we’re on the EP Mexican Eyes,” Brady explains, “and I did those just with Raf [producer]. Then I started to put a band together to play a few gigs, and they started coming into the studio to play on the new songs. The drumming was a big factor - it put the tracks into a certain feel and put a direction to the songs.

“It’s definitely a progression musically and lyrically, and I think that the album has the full spectrum of Chris Brady. It has a lot of the more upbeat rock songs like ‘Let You In’ and ‘Satellite’, and it’s got some more introspective ones, and some country-tinged ones.”

Satellites’ centre-piece is ‘Corruption’ - a two-part song that was inspired by recent news headlines.

“That was a strange song to write actually,” Brady admits. “There was all that stuff about the police being corrupt in Victoria, and I think that’s a rather big problem in Queensland at the moment. Also, it relates to governments, especially the American government, which is obviously corrupt and dying from the inside. All of that really frustrated me and I had all these emotions going on, and ‘Corruption’ came out straight away.

“I recorded it acoustically and then I got the electric guitar out and I only did one take. There are a lot of mistakes on there, which actually ended up being quite good. I had no idea what I was playing the whole time and those are the notes I just happened to hit. I’d hit a right note, then a wrong note, then a right note, then a wrong note and it ended up being this eastern-Indian thing. Listening back to it really surprised me.”

The first single off Satellites is the upbeat opening track ‘Let You In’.

“‘Let You In’ is one of those songs where personally I’m not sure of it,” Brady reveals, “but it seems to be the one that people like and think has immediacy. It’s one of those songs that the artist doesn’t get but everyone else seems to.”

Chris Brady launches Satellites at The Troubadour Friday Feb 2.

- Time Off magazine

After first cutting his teeth in local punk-rock combo Jilted, Chris Brady has spent recent years as a gun for hire, including session performances with the likes of Andrew Morris, Bernard Fanning, The Boat People, Halfday and James Grehan.

Of late, his role has expended to a permanent guernsey in Andrew Morris and the Dry Bones, but all the while he's been quietly honing his own swag of juicy tunes.

The first of those have seen the light of day on the EP Mexican Eyes, which is available for download on Jarsonic Records from iTunes or Streaming on his Myspace. The Ep will be followed by his debut album, Satellites, set for release next February.
As Brady explains the digital EP was designed to serve as a taster of what's to come.

"I wanted to save it more for the album," Chris Brady says of his songwriting. "You get a better idea from a singer-songwriter from an album as opposed to an EP, especially with my songwriting, as its not in any one syle in particular. There's lots of different styles on the album.

"The four EP tracks were recorded first then I started playing around with a few friends and got a little band together (that) played Rics's etc. It started sounding really good, so we jumped in the studio and finished off the album. The band did about half the tracks but the EP was mainly just myself and Raf, who's the producer at Jarsonic. It was just me and him sitting in the room recording stuff and having fun with it."

The EP's title track, "Mexican Eyes", boasts rich Spanish-tinged staccato strums and a tale that Brady swears is a figment of his imagination.
"It's a fun song about being in a bar and getting drunk and seeing that girl across the bar and catching her eye, and she has that glint in her eye. That's what the song is all about. There's lots of references to tequila and margaritas in there..."

More of an old romantic, Brady says the song is no reflection of his behaviour in bars.

"Thats not normal for me, I never do that," he laughs. "It just cam out of my head. It actually never happened to me... but I don't mind going out to bars and spending the whole night there and having fun.

"I'm not really sure how the song came about... I just started playin git and started singing this thing about Mexican eyes and then kind of built the song around that. i had this idea of a really smoky bar and hazy drunkenness. I thought I'd just try and capture that in a song and the Mexican thing just sits nicely in that. Everybody seems to like it when I play it live."

Although the album won't be out til the new year, punters can enjoy a taster when Brady plays the Powerhouse this Sunday afternoon.
"I'll be playing all the songs off the album and the EP. I might be getting a bongo player along as well to add a bit of percussion to the day instead of just playing solo."
Matt Connors, Editor, Time Off Magazine, Brisbane. - Timeoff magazine


LA based A&R Worldwide Musexpo Unearthed 2007 Compilation featured "Mexican Eyes"

Debut album "Satellites" released in Australia on MRA Entertainment(distro) Feb 3 2007. Released internationally through The Orchard digital distribution on the 1st of March 2007.

"Mexican Eyes" EP
Released internationally through The Orchard digital distribution on June 27th 2006

The film clip for "Mexican Eyes"(go to to view) was played every week for eight weeks on the popular national video show "Rage". The first week of release saw it in the top 15 videos along with Jet, Lily Allen, Bloc Party and Beyonce to name a few. Mexican Eyes has had countless plays on community radio all around Australia.

The film clip for "Mexican Eyes" was also added to the Nightlife Video Jukebox systems that runs in pubs and clubs all over Australia.

"Satellites" was the feature album on Brommers Homebrew Radio Show(Feb 26) syndicated to 33 community radio stations around Australia.

Chris was the Aussie artist of the week on Sydney's 2RDJ Andrew Beale show(Feb 25).

Chris was also featured and interviewed on ABC Darwin, PBS Melbourne, Highlands FM, 4ZZZ and Radio Port Douglas.Songs from his album Satellites recieved generous amounts of play on all community radio stations around Australia.

Chris's song "Frenchie" is featured on The Orchard's new compilation for the launch of its Asia/Pacific Publishing office in Melbourne.

Frenchie wasplayed on FBi in Sydney on April 2007

Chris has had a few spins on the national youth radio channel Triple J with his songs "Let You In" and "Happy".

Chris's song "Satellite" was used for two Courier Mail documentaries featured on their website. 

"In My Life" added to LA iRadio104.1fm in California.



" indie-Springsteen via Brandon Flowers taking a cruise through a hot desert in a convertible Cadillac" (Ben Preece -Timeoff)

Recently moved to London for a change of pace Chris started out playing a few good solo shows at The Troubadour, the Electroacoustic Club and The Goodship. He has now kicked into another gear with his new band and they are going from strength to strength with their first gig at 93 Feet East for the Yes Boss crew they were promptly invited back to play The Yes Boss Anti-Festi a month later. Now they are booked into Fete de la Musique a festival that happens in 121 countries around the world on the same day then the Monto Water Rats on the same day. This band is in demand.

Chris Brady is an honest and fearless singer/songwriter, whose haunting voice and stealthy pop savvy continue to resonate and surprise long after one’s first listen.

Brady’s style embraces a knowing nod in the direction of past musical luminaries (The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, and without inferring has-been status, Neil Young) but both his feet are firmly stamped in the present.

Songwriting success came early in Brady's career with a win in the Triple M unsigned find competition for Queensland in 2000 for his band Jilted. Jilted had more success in 2001 with a Top Ten Finalist win for the Channel V (Australia/New Zealand) unsigned find Leg Up competition both times with songs written by Chris.

The former Jilted frontman cut his songwriting teeth in the local punk-rock scene, then expanded his repertoire to include session performances with some of Brisbane’s best-loved acts, including Bernard Fanning, Andrew Morris, Halfday, The Boat People and James Grehan. These cameos have seen Brady tour nationally countless times, most recently as bass player / backing singer with Andrew Morris and the Dry Bones.

Brady has continued to write and perform his own original material, culminating in the recording of two CDs of beautifully constructed, emotive, soul-pop music.

"'Everytime' stands out as a slice of breezy, feel-good 60s pop that could well pass as a Beatles B-side." (Justin Grey - Timeoff)

Brady’s first CD, an independent EP called Mexican Eyes came out in 2006. With a light, beachy feel that belies its underlying yearning and melancholy, the first single Happy enjoyed radio airplay on TripleJ’s Roots’n’All show, as well as on Brisbane’s 4ZzZ.

The film clip for Mexican Eyes has been played eight times on the popular video show Rage and the song has had numerous plays on community radio around Australia.

Mexican Eyes has also been selected by A&R Worldwide to feature on the Musexpo Compilation CD that comes out in April to expose selected artists to the biggest music industry contacts in the world and coincides with the Musexpo Conference in held in LA in April/May.

Brady’s debut long player, Satellites, featuring some songs from Mexican Eyes as well as a wealth of newer material, was released in February 2007. The first single off the album Let you in was played on Triple J's Home & Hosed show.

Satellites was the feature album on Brommers Homebrew Radio Show(Feb 26) syndicated to 33 community radio stations around Australia and Chris was the Aussie artist of the week on Sydney's 2RDJ Andrew Beale show(Feb 25). Chris was also featured and interviewed on ABC Darwin, PBS Melbourne, Highlands FM, 4ZZZ and Radio Port Douglas.

Satellites went to no. 9 in the 4ZZZ top 20 in its first week of release and as high as no. 3 the next week.

"The record sounds like George Martin and Phil Spector combined!" (Tony M drive time DJ - 4ZZZ fm 102.1)

Chris also writes for Brisbane's only publishing company MFM. His music is used for a whole range of programs made for Channel 10.

Chris's song Satellite was used for two Courier Mail documentaries featured on their website.

Chris's song Frenchie is being featured on The Orchard's new compilation for the launch of its Asia/Pacific Publishing office in Melbourne.

As a session performer, Brady has a wealth of experience rare in one so young, having played many of Australia’s premier rooms as well as major festivals.

As a soloist, he has supported the likes of Mia Dyson, The Beautiful Girls, The Gin Club, Andrew Morris, Tyrone Noonan, Palladium, Shifter, Paul Greene, Loren, Sean & Bronwyn of The Spoils, Halfday and Christian Pyle (Acre). Chris regularly plays at Brisbane indie music institutions The Zoo, Ric’s and The Troubadour, and has also showcased his original material at various clubs in Sydney and Melbourne including The Espy, Bar Open and The Wesley Anne, Bar Me and the Bondi Beach Rd Hotel.

For more information please visit:

UK Management: DRS Productions 075 066 76 537

Australian Publicity: Ben Preece

Australian Radio Plugging: The Right Profile. John Zucco