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Born in Austin, Texas and raised in the nearby town of Round Rock, Chris was exposed to traditional Texas Country and Blue Grass music throughout his colorful youth. After high school and an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Infantry Division stationed a short distance from (no accident) Nashville, TN., Chris returned home to Austin. Combining the traditional country he was raised on, as well as a healthy dose of Texas Country & Rock, allowed Chris to lead such successful projects as The 1:11 Band, followed a few years later by Riata and more recently, Cheyenne.
With a degree from the "Austin School of Hard Knocks and Live Music" in hand, Chris has been burning down Honky-Tonks, wedding receptions and collegiate events all over the state for the past ten years.
After taking some well-deserved down time to write some new material and lay the foundation for his new project (Desperate Times), Chris is back on the stage and ready to share his debute album “The Way” with fans. Joined with some previously released originals, the material he’s written over the past few years has produced a debut album sure to spark the interest of fans both new and old. Chris explains, "I feel I have taken the time to give the listeners an opportunity to really know me, the songs and what I felt was important to share with them on a debut album... good, bad or whatever!”
Together with powerful original music from his debut album, Chris and the band take the audience on a musical journey through some of yesterday and today's hottest Texas, Country and Rock favorites. They look forward to sharing their unique sound and energetic stage performance with fans near and far.


Feel That Way Again

Written By: Chris Browder

“Feel That Way Again”
Written By: Chris Browder

I remember runnin' with no shoes upon my feet
Down that long caliche driveway that led up to the street
Where my momma said so many times I wasn’t supposed to play
But I never listened very much to what she had to say
Out there watchin' all those trucks is where it all began
I'd never felt that before need to feel that way again

Pullin' up in my old truck and steppin' to the bass
I knew what band was playin by the way they shook the place
I'd pay my money stand up front watch’em sing and play guitar
The Debonair and Peoples Choice Pat Green and Kevin Fowler
I don't know what led me to what some call a life of sin
But God loves all His kids the same need to feel that way again

I need to feel that way again
Take me back down that winding road to where it all began
Help me find a few of my old friends
Cause I need to feel that way again

Flyin' through the memories of my not so recent past
I think of all the loves I've lost and why they never last
I've seen loves fire burn a man down to his very soul
And held my better judgment back to give it one more roll
It's been so long since I've felt someone underneath my skin
That I search for love like the desert rain need to feel that way again

Now it seems when I look back I thought I knew it all
Guess I started runnin' long before I learned to crawl
But hind sights twenty twenty and that's just a lesson learned
When you fall head-first into the fire you can bet that you’ll get burned
But it's been so long since I’ve felt caution thrown into the wind
But I can feel it in the air tonight need to feel that way again


Bustin' At The Seams

Written By: Chris Browder

“Bustin’ At the Seems”
Written By: Chris Browder

I don't know why you love me
I guess I never will
But after all we've been through
I'd think you'd have your fill of me
I'm the same I've always been
I think about you now and then
And how you told me
Your love would never end

I've been out here for too long baby
Feels like nothings’ gonna save me
Till Jesus has His judgment day
I've had one too many lonely nights
There ain't no end in sight
And all my broken-hearted dreams
Are bustin’ at the seams

I've still got my dreams
Guess I always will
But after all we’ve been through
You’d think I'd have my fill but no
I keep rollin' down the road
It's the only life I know
And I take your memories
Everywhere I go

I've been out here for too long baby
There's just so much happenin’ lately
Could we be near that judgment day
(Break 2)
I've had one too many lonely nights
There ain't no end in sight
And all these broken-hearted dreams
Are bustin' at the seams

The Way

Written By: Dan Tucker

"The Way"

Written By: Dan Tucker

You and me, we're opposites you know
And all it tooks you leaving me
for me to see I've almost had my fill
Of this situation

(Chorus 1)
Ain't that the way they say it goes
Everybody knows ain’t that the way
Ain't that the way the moon runs from the sun
When all is said and done ain’t that the reason

From all I’ve seen I almost feel fulfilled
But I've gotta see tomorrow
I never knew that falling in and out of love
With you could be so easy

(Chorus 2)
Ain't that the way all good things must pass
Tomorrow never lasts, ain’t that the way
Ain't that the way the moon runs from the sun
When all is said and done ain’t that the reason
You're not for me, we’re opposites you see
And all it took's you leavin' me
I never knew that falling in and out of love
With you would be an easy thing to do

Ain’t that the way it goes the way it seems, You’re surly gonna stumble when you're chasin’ your dreams And their nearly in reach Ain’t that the way
Ain’t that the way it goes the way it always is you never give up and you never ever give in and you climb till you can’t climb… ain’t that the way


"The Way"
Released in 2007
LOKI Records

Set List

2 hrs. - Original Music
5 hrs. - Cover Texas, Country & Rock Music Old or New.