Chris Brown

Chris Brown

 San Francisco, California, USA

Power pop at its finely-crafted best. Brilliant vocal harmonies and biting lyrics constitute the sonic equivalent of a cozy feather bed filled with razor blades.


"The front runner for album of the year in 2006. Flat-out brilliant... a stunning debut."
-- Alan Haber, Host, "Pure Pop" WEBR Fairfax, VA

" of intensely highly styled pop will fall down and worship at the altar of Brown."
-- Bruce Brodeen, President, Not Lame Recordings

"If you like clean, well-orchestrated pop you will love this! (the dude can write one heck of a Pop song). The vocals, which are layered and rich, remind me of the Beach Boys with a dash of XTC -- seriously solid singing...Give it a listen...I fear you may be impressed.”
-- Renee Richardson, Host, KFOG San Francisco, CA

"...already one of my faves for 2006."
-- Craig Leve, Host, "Snap, Crackle, POP!" KWVA, OR

An award-winning independent filmmaker by day, Chris's work has screened in festivals worldwide. His latest film, "Scared New World," won Best Feature at the 2006 Pacific Edge Film Festival. With "Now That You’re Fed," Chris brings his layered, catchy, sometimes caustic vision to the music world. Having played in a number of Bay Area bands over the last decade or so, Chris can be heard on forthcoming releases by Jon Del Arroz, Chris Manning, The Well Wishers and Heidi Jane.

Co-produced with brilliant producer/engineer and ex-Jellyfish bassist, Chris Manning, "Now That You're Fed" is Chris's solo debut.

A featured artist on KFOG's current "Local Scene" CD, Chris played the 2006 International Pop Overthrow music festivals in LA and San Francisco this summer. He will appear at IPO New York this November.


All My Rivals

Written By: Chris Brown

All the libel
statements that you make
swinging by the bowline
with my rival
shrinking from the shade
and singing in the sunshine

Everybody knows
everybody’s laughing
dancing with my foes
they drown their woes in cake and caffeine

Standing portside
taking in the view
I can’t believe you kissed her
with me watching
turning back to leave
and cursing like a sister

Sailing in the west
the captain has been drinking
and though he does his best
he knows the boat is slowly sinking

Hiding in the sand
I understand why they all love you
safely on dry land
they hold a halo high above you

All the seasick
sailors on the shore
praying to the pavement
watch you float above
the ocean floor
wondering where the day went

No one left to lose
nothing left to plunder
when it’s time to choose
they give a hand as I go under

Daughter, daughter
I see you wending past
The daylight hours dimming
but as my story ends
with all that it portends
I see you swimming back to me

Time to Come Home

Written By: Chris Brown

Time to Come Home
©2006 Chris Brown

Fixing a gaze on your foggier days of reflection
Lost in the haze where you’re hoping to fend off detection

Bronzing your memories of yesterday’s kill
Fighting with witnesses reading the will
While under the water and over the hill
You know that it’s time to come home

With luck it won’t hurt if you tuck in your shirt like a tailor
Knowing it’s true I’ve depended on you like a jailer

Tearing opinions from history’s page
Wearing a blanket to cover your rage
You hire a painter to color your cage
And tell him it’s good to be home

Forget what you know when it’s fourteen below in your cardboard cathedral
Scraping the snow from your pants as you go from advanced to remedial

Thinking of Mother and stinking of beer
Pulling me closer to what could be fear
I map your expression as if you were here
To tell me it’s time to come home

Spotting a face you refuse to erase your affection
But when brought to the chase you begin to retrace your direction

Pillars of privilege, killers of men
Fraternity brothers who knew you back when
They rush you and kick you again and again
And tell you it’s time to go home

So you pick up your feet and you drag down the street by the lamplight
Lost in the dark you pretend that the park is a campsite

Your friends and your family are fading away
You see their lips move but can’t hear what they say
You asked them to leave when they begged you to stay
And told you it’s time to come home.

Things She Laughed About

Written By: Chris Brown

Things She Laughed About
2006 Chris Brown

These are the things she laughed about
These are the things she held in her pockets
Never amusing, always devout
Like a capitol leak
She forgets to be meek
And continues to speak
These things she laughed about

These are the things she told to me
These are the things she whispered discreetly
Smiling, she never could promise to be
A believer in doubt
In a new drunken bout
And these were just some of the things she laughed about

And if I crossed my eyes
What if I crossed my legs
What if I crossed my heart?

How could you be so cruel again
Trying to find an attractive religion
Never immune to the casual clout
From the moment she spoke
Through the spark of her yoke
Some mysterious joke
These things she laughed about

Thinking that you might smile again
Thinking that you might wake up tomorrow
Try to remember the Saturday shout
And the note on the door
And the stains on the floor
Do you think anymore of the
Things she laughed about?


"Now That You're Fed," Chris's debut album was independently released in Jan 2006.