Chris Buehrle

Chris Buehrle

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

It's like Ben Folds and Bruce Springsteen met in a back alley fight and John Mayer stepped in to break it up and made them all do shots of Jameson.


Chicago Singer/Songwriter, Chris Buehrle, has created his own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic pop-blues that's based around a fresh musical vision. His shows vary from intimate solo acoustic performances to a full band show where it is close to impossible not to find yourself dancing the night away, complaining that time flew by too quick, and that you can’t believe the show is already over!

While relentlessly writing new material and working on booking new shows all over the Mid-west and beyond, Chris plays anywhere from downtown Chicago to New York City. He's shared the stage with Cowboy Mouth, Better Than Ezra, Sponge, Ryan Cabrera, and Freddy Jones Band, to name a few. All those who have been in attendance bear witness to an unforgettable show of loops, beat boxes, and guitar solos that will make you wonder how he is able to pull those sounds out of an acoustic guitar. His songs are flooded with positive energy and danceable beats.

Buehrle has a pop style that is hard to forget. His lyrics are often brutally honest and his passion for playing is evident every time he picks up his six-string. Chris sings and plays with such emotion that is not commonly seen in the music world today.


Tonight, I'm in Love

Written By: Chris Buehrle

Be still my beating heart
If tonight's love should pass
Tomorrow will last for a life time
And of her I'll dream, She's
My favorite thing to think of

If not for the nighttime
There'd never be suspicious
Minds anymore

And if I should go, she'll never know
Just how I feel, I know this time it's real
Tonight I'm in love

Later on, I'd say hello
I'd buy you a drink, shaken I think
With a twist
Order at the bar and send it to
Where you are with a note
Meet me tonight just under
That streetlight downtown

And if I should go, she'll never know
Just how I feel I know this time it's real
Tonight I'm in love


Chris Buehrle:
-Verbal Inventions (2004)
-EP - That Was the Other Me (2007)
-The Chris Buehrle Band (Not Yet Released - Aug. 2010)

Set List

Standard Show: 75 Minutes to 90 Minutes depending on if it is solo or with the band. Can play up to 3 - 45 min sets.
Best of Me
Give Me One More Second
Tonight, I'm in Love
Carousel Dreams
You & Me
I'm Free
Lucky Tonight
What I Shouldn't Have
Rainy Afternoon
Living In The In-Betweens
Verbal Inventions
Don't Leave Me Alone
Like We're Late
Walking Man Dead