Chris Buskey & the High Lonesome Plains

Chris Buskey & the High Lonesome Plains


"The personification of what Alt-Country surely should be. Capturing the essence of American Folk . . . and cranking it out in a manner reserved for rock idols." -Gary Vollano,


In an age of focus group driven corporate rock super conglomerates, and one-dimensional American Idols, the High Lonesome Plains' 2002 EP Songs for Young Lovers was a proverbial "little train that could." Released on the upstart independent HMG record label, with an initial printing of fewer than 1000 copies, Songs for Young Lovers managed to breach the airwaves and reap critical praise on four continents. Renowned Australian music journalist and Laughing Outlaw record label founder Stuart Coupe proclaimed it "the best thang [he'd] heard in ages," while Americana-UK called it nothing less than "one of the best EPs of the year." The EP's lead track "Brass Ring (Nothing Lasts)" appeared on Magnet Magazine's New Music Sampler (35,000 copies) which garnered the band even more airplay across the US and abroad, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Brazil - not bad for a four song EP recorded mostly live, on a shoestring budget.

The River and the Sea is the long-awaited full-length album from a band that's been compared to such giants as Big Star, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, the Jayhawks, and the Only Ones. The album comprises eleven new songs about love, loss, fear, strength, hope and redemption, penned by singer/songwriter Chris Buskey and arranged by the group. Picking up where "Songs . . " left off, it represents a significant step forward for the group. And while the music business isn't any tamer than it was a few years ago, the High Lonesome Plains remain undaunted, and unvanquished. Like a train that keeps on rolling "


2002 - Songs For Young Lovers (Horizon Music Group)
2002 - Magnet Magazine CD Sampler - "Brass Ring (Nothing Lasts)"
2003 - The Box, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - "Brass Ring (Nothing Lasts)"
2003 - Let's Get Furious - A Tribute to the Furors - "Low in Your Mind" (Thin Man Music)
2004 - I Wanna Be Bohemian - Compilation - "Amber (Four Track Version)"
2004 - 40 Acres b/w Amber
2006 - 300 Mondays (Documentary) - "Lotus Flower and the Moment of Truth (Live)"
2006 - The River and the Sea (Horizon Music Group)