Chris Butner

Chris Butner

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

I am an upstart Folk singer/songwriter who ranges from Blues to Country to Rock.


From Hyde Park on the south side of Chicago, my influences begin in the delta with Robert Johnson and Skip James, all the way up the Mississippi to Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy.


I have yet to record.

Set List

Pining, Feels Like Home, Get Well Soon, Bankrupt Blues, She-Devil, Hellbent Blues, Hunger Pains, Road Less Traveled, Country Mile, Liquor Bottle Blues, Whiskey Sour, Gone Wrong Baby, August 12th, Imagining, Dead End Blues, Betty Lou, Me And The Devil, Left Behind, Lonely Road, Bourbonais, Don't Know How, Sweet Ann Marie's Eyes, Waltz, Consider Me, Again Again, A Dead Man's Song, Interstate, Latter Days, Afterlife, Hell Coming Down, Echoes, Fly By Night, Death Penalty Moratorium, Inevitable Parting, Forecast Wind, Pouring Rain, Curiosity, Turnaround, All Cause Of You, Skin And Bone, Been To Jail, Greenwood Avenue, Okie Dokie, Out Of The Woods, Never More, Disown My Own, On A Bend, Born Again, Still Running, Gun Shy Proud, Puppy Love, Criminal, Well Read And Blue, Tumbleweed, Lost On Me, Gary, Indiana, Know That Its True, Hellish Blues, Vacant Space, I Submit To Thee, All The Way Down, The Death Of Freedom, Six Foot Underground, Maybe Knot, The Proof